... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Chorong Rebels on the move

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PostSubject: Chorong Rebels on the move   Chorong Rebels on the move I_icon32Sat Apr 13, 2013 1:59 pm

Chorong Rebels on the move Ed67036f-5525-489c-a02f-e33811ac4c18_zpse09e1721

Since the Chorong Rebel's failure to achieve their goal over the winter months of assassinating Lady Eolyn, they had fallen back to their shadows to regroup. The Chorong suffered heavy losses in the event of Lady Eolyn's rescue and now, in light of the risk of their exposure by the suspect Exile Kazage, their leader has seen fit for them to relocate their main base of operations. So, after the snows began melting, the Chorong began to move.

Traditionally, they had been located much further south, closer to the Igen border, but now, leaving behind remnants to continue to maintain and safeguard their small cotholdings, a large number of them headed North-West. Eventually, they settled in the forested areas a several miles South-West of Southern Telgar Hold, not far from the river. The spring months were spent building a new hideout for their activities, in which they would house their members, keep supply stores, etc.

In need of rebuilding their numbers and even greater support for their cause, they have managed to fund a fight club near one of the major market districts at Southern Telgar Hold, which they plan to secretly use to recruit members. Any fighter with three wins or more consecutively could be approached about membership. The Chorong have also sent a handful of runners to make contact with random holdless bands in order to coerce their cooperation in future raids on Trade Caravans headed to Igen Weyr with tithes. Of course, the holdless are never told the truth of who they are helping out, in exchange for their own share of the loot.

To help provide their plans with a little more security, they have re-activated the network of spies and informants working for them in the midst of Telgar's holds and market places. Soon, they also hope to have the Exile Kazage positioned to be their political voice. Either way, they are vying for more influence in the political arena in the near future, in order to further their cause.

[As a reminder: new characters both PC and PNPC for the Chorong Rebels welcome. Start your character off in the fight club ring, if you want! Or make your character a spy, working in TRH with the Lord and Lady (Maybe in the infirmary bc we have a lot of characters there. Lady Eolyn will also need a new Lady in Waiting/ Maid soon, so the new candidate could be a spy, too!). View the Player Essentials: Factions page for the Chorong Rebels for more details.]

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Chorong Rebels on the move
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