... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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History || Dragon Ranks || Wher Ranks || Plague Information || Ads and Affs

What We Have To Offer
-All creatures may clutch if earned
-Frequent planned hatchings and plots
-Ability to build the weyr from the ground up
-All open positions
-A unique and interesting creation plot and lingering threat

During the last few Turns of a long Interval, something besides Thread began to threaten the already dwindling numbers of dragonkind, and through it, all of Pern and the world's future. A strange Plague began to sweep through world, brought over first firelizards that had just been transferred over from the Western continent, then eventually passing on to the dragons through bite, before the disease mutated until a hatchling or young dragon could catch it from the very air another breathed. It was a viscous thing, causing fever, then madness, in those that contracted it, turning dragons in to mindless, zombie like creatures that sought only to attack, driven completely insane by the pain and darkness overtaking their minds. Dragons would attack one another, some trying to save themselves or their riders from being attacked and the others simply due to the Plague, while the Riders sought every way to save their bondmates, even as the Red Star began to loom on the horizon.

The numbers of untainted, living dragons living quickly dwindled and strove to clump together for safety. Those driven mad by the Plague either died or went wild, carving out isolated territories for themselves by killing everything in their path and taking over the land. Weyrfolk and Holdfolk alike strove to stem the tide of the disease, sometimes seeing glimmers of hope in a medicine that could slow the disease, or in the breeding and birth of several new ranks which appeared to be more immune than their normal ranked kin. Nearly a decade after the disease had first appeared, most of the adult dragons had been given immunity to the disease, but were instead Carriers, and the survival rate of clutches was getting close to zero, the disease instantly being passed to the dragonets upon their hatching due to proximity to the adults. The attempts to save dragonkind seemed like it was all for naught, the Plague too powerful and too swift to truly ever catch up to. And with the Red Star and Thread looming ever closer, hope was quickly fading.

Then, to save give their progeny the best chance possible, three of the last Queens from last remaining weyrs got together and made a plan... They would transfer themselves to a distant island, one only known to one of their Rider's thanks to a sailing merchant in her distant background, lay their eggs, then would leave, and go Between, so their instincts would not demand them to stay and infect the dragonets upon their hatching. It was a suicide mission, and their riders would be left behind with the broken ends of their bonds, shepherds to the new generation. Other trustworthy dragonless were gathered, twenty in total, and wherhandlers, who would train and guard and seek out the next generation of riders in secret.

The plan went through. The dragonless slowly and secretly left their original homes and made their way to the Island, setting up the beginning of their weyr, then the three Queens Rose at the separate weyrs within a sevenday of each other thanks to a special herb that spurred their mating Flights. Just before they were due to lay, each disappeared into the ether, transferring to the Island to lay their eggs, before continuing on with their mission and Betweening away. Now those left behind, the three former weyrwomen and the twenty dragonless, must seek out the new candidates in secret, while keeping the location of the new weyr hidden. For if the wrong group found out about a clutch of untainted dragon eggs, the world could turn to a far darker path.
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