... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Senior Weyrwoman of Igen - Khorina of Gold Telrinath

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PostSubject: Senior Weyrwoman of Igen - Khorina of Gold Telrinath   Senior Weyrwoman of Igen - Khorina of Gold Telrinath I_icon32Wed May 11, 2016 6:56 pm

:: OOC Information ::
How did you hear about us?:
DsR is the sister site

:: Character Information ::
Khorina (Khori)


Weyrwoman of Igen/Gold Rider

N/a but she likes it when people (now only applicable to close friends and partners) call her Khori

Age/ Turn of Birth:
32/ B. 472 AL (Current year is 502 AL. See Calendar section in Player Essentials for calendar of turns and seasons.)


Place of Birth:
minor hold/island off of Ista hold. As a trader family, she was constantly on the move between Ista and Benden Weyr until she was 17/18.

Place of Residence:
Igen Weyr

Journeywoman Trader

Occupation/ Role:
Gold Rider/Weyrwoman

Character Aspirations:
She jokes that she wants to move the Weyr to somewhere with a more hospitable climate, but her real goal is to keep her Weyr alive and thriving.

Father: Khorivan - Trade Master. (deceased b. 446, d. 495)
Mother: Navaune - Caravan Organizer (b. 447, d. n/a)
Siblings: Vauviri - Trader (b. 470), Khovune Trader (b. 470), Khiev (deceased b. 473, d. 483), Vaunkho Trader (b. 476)
Children: n/a
Other Significant: none

Senior Weyrwoman of Igen - Khorina of Gold Telrinath 399full-alice-braga

Alice Braga
Dark Brown (almost black) that fades out into a slightly lighter brown at the tips of her hair. Wavy, and just past the shoulder blades when dry.
Dark Klah Brown
Athletic- she likes climbing and her body has sculpted to fit that role.
Other Notable Physical Traits:
multiple puncture and slash scars across her abdomen.
Style of Dress:
Due to the heat of Igen, Khorina’s style tends to be a tad different than that of other Weyrwomen or women in general (and some may even go so far as to suggest looser, but she keeps very careful tabs on those individuals so she does not offend them if they come to visit her Weyr). She developed/discovered the art of dressing with a draping method that becomes both versatile and functional for both her adventurous hobbies, and for formality. Compared to Terra fashions, her clothing mostly resembles the Indian Saree and her prefered draping method is the Dhoti. Example 1, Example 2, Example 3
Possessions usually found on persona:
Khorina typically carries around chalk for her hands and feet at the very least. Other times she carries around a chain of beads she uses to make quick larger calculations that's attached to her waist. When she thinks she’ll have time to get away, she also carries climbing equipment that she designed.

Khorina was born off the coast of Ista to a trader family that traveled between Ista Holdings and Benden Weyr for the most part.
She was the middle of five children (born between Khovune and Khiev) and may be considered the hardest of all the children in her caravan to raise and keep track of. Throughout her early childhood she had a bad coughing illness (asthma). To combat this, her father forced her to start running along side the caravan or climbing to strengthen her lungs. She hated it at first but she grew to love it, often times leaving the caravan to go climb the mountains and returning in the night to do her chores and sleep.
She entered into official trader apprenticeship at nine.

Because she was supposed to be training how to trade, her parents did not like her reckless behavior and tried to ban her from wandering off. At ten she decided to run away and live life as a holdless so she could adventure as long as she wanted but her father found her within a fortnight. Realizing they could not keep her from her running off, they struck a deal with her that she would spend at least half a day with the caravan during the traveling portions, and would be present for every trade. She was not to shirk her duties for the caravan either.

At eleven a sickness struck the caravan. Because she spent so much time away from them, Khorina missed out on the worst of the sickness. Her little brother Khiev was only a turn younger than her, however, and lost his life to a high fever and other symptoms that led to dehydration. It was a startling moment to Khori who knew that had she caught the sickness, that too would have been her.

As time went on, Khorina grew adept at catching small prey for her lunches. She also began to develop tools with which she could climb cliff sides with ease and safety. Her family traveled in a relatively set route back and forth between Ista Hold and Benden Weyr, making the act of finding her way home simple. Without supervision she got into some major and minor scuffles with animals and bandits but never really seemed to get hurt too badly. As time wore on she began emerging as a good caravan coordinator, and as she turned into a journeywoman, had a good head for the tallies. Her family began to look into suitable suitors for her at sixteen but each time they learned of her less "feminine" habits, they seemed to disappear. Khorina found the annoyance her parents took at this to be supremely humorous partly because the more time she spent at the Weyr, the more a fascination with dragons took hold of her. She never told her family but she had always secretly wanted to be a dragon rider, imagining a glimmering green beneath her legs fighting thread and flying through the sky as high as she could get.
Every time they were at the Weyr, she would sneak off to climb to the star stones and above to watch the dragons fly.

One evening, when she was nearing her 18th name day, she accidentally climbed into a hive of large tunnel snakes near the Weyr. They attacked her abdomen, which was closest to them at the time, digging their fangs and claws into her. They tried to rend and claw, some leaving deep wounds. Her family heard her screams from nearly a mile away and went to rescue her, taking her back to the Weyr for some much needed medical attention. The deepest of the wounds centered around Khorina’s uterus and Fallopian tubes.
Her family had to leave her at the Weyr for her recovery so she decided to take the opportunity to stay and become a candidate when she recovered enough to stand on the sands. Luckily, the Senior Gold had just had a flight during the past couple seven-days.
She worked hard to recover before the touching, walking with assistance just a few days after the attack. When the time to touch came close, she limped onto the Sands despite her stitches still on to touch the eggs, ignoring the golden egg, thinking that she was more for a green than a gold.

On the morning of the hatching, the Weyr healers told her that she would likely never conceive. To make it worse, she had also had endometriosis before but the scar tissue exacerbated the condition. While not completely destroyed by the news, it did come as a shock. Through most of the hatching, as green after green passed her by, she was ill at ease. She repeatedly replayed the scene in the infirmary through her mind trying to place how she felt about her sudden new condition. Her hands rested lightly on her stomach and slow-forming scars.

Khorina didn't look up at the gasps that signaled the hatching of the gold… until suddenly a dragon's head was on Khorina’s arm. She looked into the glittering eyes of the gold dragon as love filled her heart and replaced her dread. Do not worry, my children will be your children. I am Telrinath.
Khorina was suddenly a gold rider despite everyone's (including her own) belief that she would impress green if she impressed at all.
As the newly impressed goldrider, she was the second Jr. Weyrwoman of Benden. Her family was incensed that she had not told them she was standing and the argument that followed with her father broke the bond that they had always shared. She was suddenly very alone with only few friends at the Weyr and hole where family had once filled. Only Telrinath understood the depths of the pain she felt and stayed with her through her injuries as Khorina began trying to build new friendships.

Her injuries made her weyrling training uniquely difficult. Where she had once been in a position to easily follow the exercise routine of other weyrlings and had the ability to spend whole days bathing, oiling, feeding, and picking up after baby dragons, she now had to do all the book learning while someone else helped her reach the spots she could not until she was fully healed. This only motivated her more to heal before she should have been capable, climbing a full month before she was allowed, and secretly running and working out when the leadership and weyrlingmasters were not looking.

The first time Telrinath flew proved to be rather frightening for Khorina. She was a virgin, as required for holders and traders before marriage, when she was attacked by the tunnelsnakes and went to stand for her dragon. All of the emotions of her first time were added to with her dragons. Afterwards, everyone (that didn't know of the details of Khorina's condition) expected Khori to get pregnant and begin mothering the next generation of dragon riders. Afterall, weren't gold riders supposed to be the loving mothers of the Weyr? While the whispers of this floated around the Weyr, Khorina threw herself into the task of caring for Telrinath's clutch, carefully naming each of the eggs.

As the third gold in the Weyr, Khorina had little power or say in Weyr business, but got involved as often as possible to learn customs, traditions, and business. She was very active when it came to trades made with other caravans but her own family refused to speak to her after her perceived betrayal. It seemed an unscalable wall had forced its way between them. When no one needed her, she was off exploring the parts of PERN she had never had the chance to see, often leaving small supply stashes at uninhabited Weyrs and Outposts in case she received leave for a few days. It never escaped her notice that she was.... unconventional as a gold rider.

It had been a little over seventeen turns since she had impressed Telrinath when she was approached by the Weyrwoman about starting her own Weyr. She was confused by the prospect. "But i'm the second Junior Weyrwoman, wouldn't this be better for ___?" But apparently there was something about Khori that convinced Evah she would be good for the job. Soon after she was sitting with Karene for an interview.

Before she even knew what was really happening, she was moving into the desert Weyr, Igen.


Of all of the Weyrwomen on PERN, Khori is perhaps the most adventurous of them. She uses her spare time to explore, or do something daring. Part of this allows her to see new opportunities for the Weyr or for their protectorate. This is where her cunning comes in to play. When she thinks up an idea, she often feels it is her duty to make it come to fruition, manipulating things to work out as she needs. She also uses this trait to find ways to escape on her adventures.

Of course, she wouldn't be able to take her small breaks unless she was organized. Caravans didn't run well unless everything was in its place and hyper organized for efficiency. Years of running her caravan with her parents have forced her into the practice, and everything must be organized under her watch.

Trading also taught her an awareness of people's reactions and needs, forcing her to learn how to become a good actor to get what is needed. She also uses this so people are unaware of the pain she carries around from her endometriosis. It is because of this that she sometimes comes across as closed off to people. She'll hide her problems to the point of not talking to anyone about them and will get snippy if people try to pry too far. When this happens she needs breaks from others and delegates tasks to her Junior for a bit.

No matter what, however, Khori sees it as an absolute must that her people and dragons learn how to relax when things are too stressful. She strives to be the collected role-model of her Weyr, while trying to see the world in an easy-going manner.

Can be too good at hiding her feelings sometimes. This comes from learning to hide her pain with endometriosis. This also causes her to be snippy if people try to pry too much into her personal life.

Has extreme travel lust from her upbringing as a trader and finds staying in one place stifling after a long period of time. This sometimes makes her "disappear" when there is little work to be done.

Mannerisms/ Habits:
Khori will often forget that her hands are covered in chalk and go to touch her face or clothes. It is common to see her walking around the Weyr with a streak of chalk across her face.

When she's thinking deeply, she fingers the beads at her sides like she's counting.

Skills/ Likes:
(I put two for each, i'll put more as I play her)
[Skill] Organization: Her time in the caravan taught her how to hyper-organize for efficiency.
[Skill] Acting/Making Deals: Again, her caravan experience taught her to read people and how to react in order to gain from her encounters.
[Like] Trees/Cooler Weather: The desert is stifling and hot. She knows how to get warm when cold but trying to do the opposite is proving to be a task, and she just can't seem to get comfortable.
[Like] Heights: She can see the world, something she has always wanted to do.

Unskilled at/ Dislikes:
[Unskillful at] Letting People In: To seem like a strong person, she closes off the pain she feels from endometriosis and her estranged family. If people pry too much, she tends to get snippy or scarce while she collects herself.
[Unskillful at] Staying in one place: Even during important meetings, Khori finds it difficult to sit still in her chair. She will often get up to make someone a drink, or find paperwork, or anything to keep herself moving. Has to take vacations so that she can abate her travel lust.
[Dislike/Unskillful at] Sleeping alone: She slept with her caravan her entire life. She has never gotten used to having her own room and bed. (In fact, when she's having a particularly difficult time sleeping and does not have a partner, Telrinath will bespeak the creche and have the workers and some kids come sleep with her)
[Dislike] Sugary foods: Something seems wrong about having super sweet foods. She never had them as a child because sweets were for trading. This often extends to overly sweet wines as well.
[Dislike] Rigid People: Or people too set in their ways, or people on power trips, etc. She finds them the hardest to deal with.

Fighting Style/ Weapon of Choice:
Her wit and cunning.

:: Dragon Information ::

Senior Weyrwoman of Igen - Khorina of Gold Telrinath Telrinath_zpsgwbzmx9p

Dragon Name:

Turn of Impression:
490 AL

Clutch Name:
Winter Dreams

Weyr of Impression:

Wing Name:
Gold (?)

Gold - looks like she’s touched by the evening sky on highlights of her body. Certain areas like her toes and wing sails are more of a rose or white gold.

39.3 Meters

(About 6 hands higher than total length)

Other Physical Characteristics:
A rather typical gold, her neck is long and slender and her legs strong yet graceful?

Personality Traits:
Ever since hatching, Telrinath has been extremely motherly over her rider and other dragons and people. She fusses over anything she perceives to be small (which is quite a bit) but makes sure they are healthy. Telrinath likes to be chatted with and many think of her as a rather social dragon. Unlike her rider, she finds energy around people and does not need frequent breaks from the Weyr to rest and recharge.

However, Telrinath is wary of anyone or anything new to her surroundings. She has a team of search riders scan anyone new so they are on the constant watch for danger. Her rider's daring stunts and acrobatics often put her, along with half the Weyr, on edge.

Like her rider, she tends to prefer cooler climates and warmer beds. She is also rational with everything and puzzles out her queries through logic before asking. She secretly longs for her rider to settle down with a mate and wishes to find a bronze that suits her the best as well.

Telrinath is strict but loving, when she wants something done, she wants it for the best of her Weyr. No one gets away with much under her watch.

Soothing, with a lyrical lilt but also slightly gruff... Jodi Foster?

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Senior Weyrwoman of Igen - Khorina of Gold Telrinath
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