... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Changhui - Keroon's Heir & Head of Dragon's Venture

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PostSubject: Changhui - Keroon's Heir & Head of Dragon's Venture   Changhui - Keroon's Heir & Head of Dragon's Venture I_icon32Mon Jul 01, 2013 8:41 pm

:: OOC ::
How did you hear about us?:

:: Character Information ::

chong-hwee (soft h.)

Heir Presumptive of Keroon


Age/ Turn of Birth:
20/ 482 AL


Place of Birth:
Keroon Hold

Place of Residence:
Dragon's Venture headquarters at Fort Sea Hold

Masquerades as a Beastcrafter/Trader.

Occupation/ Role:
Heir Presumptive of Keroon. Possibly Future Lord Holder of Keroon. Head of the Dragon’s Venture.

Character Aspirations:
To find the proof of his father’s will for him to be the next Lord Holder in Keroon and present it to the Council of Lords in order to reclaim his place.

Father: Yongmun, Previous Lord Holder of Keroon. 450 AL-485 [D]
Mother: Koeuri, Cousin and Handmaid to the Lady Holder of Keroon. 463 AL -487 AL [D]
Siblings: Older half-brother, two older half-sisters, Twin brother. Eldest half-brother is current Lord Holder of Keroon, born in 475 AL.
Children: N/A
Other Significant: Lady Sienne, the handmaid who saved his life and has helped to raise him. Haran, his personal guardian/ companion.

Changhui - Keroon's Heir & Head of Dragon's Venture FotoFlexer_Photo57_zps25fd86cb

Face: Jang Geun Suk
Hair: Dark brown, keeps it cut a little below shoulder length, drawn partially back and out of his face with shorter bangs falling forward.
Eyes: Kohl grey
Height: 5’11”
Build: Medium, athletic build.
Other Notable Traits: He speaks with a faint Keroon accent. Has a beautiful complexion that in some light, might make him appear youthful or effeminate by still, but his demeanor is strong and commanding. Though, he’s not quite as rugged as his twin brother.
Style of Dress: Dresses in the somewhat brighter brocades of Fort, always dark, relaxed-fit pants, matching long-sleeved tuni and low boots. A longer, sleeveless robe/surcoat of contrasting colour is belted about the waist. When he leaving home, the sleeves of his shirt are usually wrapped up the forearm, a back-sheath for his sword belted around his middle and crossing over his chest. The garments he wore always appeared to be of fine, gossamered fabrics, the like of which were perfectly fitting of a highborn.
Possessions usually found on persona: Sword (Geom) worn across his back. (double edged)
Belt knife.
A pouch for marks
His mother’s hair ornament wrapped in a cloth and tucked under the breast of his robe.[/list]

Keroon had long been a territory at peace, but the vast expanse of its land was less developed than say, that of Fort. With more territory to spread out over, it's population was not as centralized and its economy depended greatly on its seacrafters, farmcrafters and beastcrafters more than any other trade. Outside of these trades, the people of Keroon had long been focused on the pursuits of the arts, sciences and politics, spending less of their energy on things such as martial practices -though that did not mean they'd completely abandoned such things. There had been no severe martial conflict in the territory for a very long time, nothing that local policing forces couldn't handle by themselves anyway, and the people were known for their hospitality and kindness. That however, did not exempt any of them from the possibility of corruption. It was no secret that too much of anything could turn into a bad thing; so it was that too much influence or too much wealth could turn into spiritual rot. For the family of Changhui and his twin brother Jiyu, that is exactly what happened.

Changhui was born a twin son of a Lady’s Maid and the Lord Holder of Keroon, whose wife was unable to carry a pregnancy to term. Changhui's birth mother, Koeuri, was a cousin to the Lady Holder, and the most high-born of any of his father’s lovers. Yongmun favoured her since she was the only handmaid closely related to his wife. It was even talked about that he would take her as a second wife.  His favouritism for the children she bore him was apparent, even though they were much younger in age than his eldest son, and for those reasons, he named the eldest of the twin boys, Changhui, as his successor. This decision created a lot of rivalry between the eldest of his sons and the twins due to each mothers’ claims to rightful succession. The depth of the conflict between the mothers of Lord Yongmun’s illegitimate heirs was not realized until he was diagnosed with tuberculosis and eventually passed away. Before his passing however, he had crafted a sword for Changhui, which was engraved with a script that secured his desire for him to become the next Lord Holder.

In the Turn after the Lord Holder’s passing, Keroon was led by its Steward with Changhui being raised under his charge, having many dedicated attendants who assisted him in his education, supporting his father’s decision to have him succeed the position. But, what had been written into his will was not accepted by everyone, and the hierarchy of women in the hold was thrown into much disarray. The Lady Holder had no children of her own and her cousin had been the one to bear her husband’s children in her stead. With nothing but his final decision on the succession matter left to them, it was thought that perhaps it would be best for Koeuri to be named the Lady Holder since she had borne the heirs. But that line of thought only furthered the upset with the family of the Eldest son. Those who opposed such decisions made quick work of intervening on the Eldest sons’ behalf, before the younger could stake any real claim as Keroon’s next leader.

Almost two turns after his father’s passing, in turn 487, those who supported the late Lord Holder’s Eldest son designed a plan for a fire to break out, trapping the Lady Holder and her cousin with the twins, in order to get rid of them. Their plans were carried out to near perfection, but Sienne and one of the other handmaids were able to rescue the boys from the fire. Koeuri could have also escaped the fire, but knowing that those responsible would come looking to identify bodies to ensure their deaths, she remained, accepting the fate in order to try and protect her sons and a possibility at reclaiming their future. Just before the twins fled to safety, she took the ornament from her hair and gave it to Changhui so that he would have a constant reminder of who he was, and who he would become.

Understanding that the boys lives would always be in danger, the Lady Holder’s handmaids decided to split the boys up. If anyone came looking for them, they would likely be looking for twin brothers, not for individual siblings. That day would be the last the twins saw of eachother. One was given everything. The other was given nothing. Their destinies were forever changed. They were brothers torn apart. Like the death of their mother, it was a necessary sacrifice to attain their father’s will.

The sword bearing the evidence of Changhui’s right to succession was not thought to have been completed by the time of his father’s death. The sword however, had indeed been completed and it was hidden away with one of his most trusted advisers, who had foreseen the situation that would arise after the Holder’s death. None of them knew its whereabouts however. Later on, it would be discovered that the sword existed, and that it had been stolen by someone hoping to hide the truth, thereby protecting the Eldest brother’s interests.

Handmaid Sienne protected young Changhui by fleeing the territory altogether, taking him to her family’s home in Igen for a time. Disguised as a group of merchants, traders and crafters, Sienne took with them a number of the Keroon Guard as well as a few others loyal to Changhui’s father. They would all serve the boy as he grew up, and help guide him. Sienne did everything in her power, using familial connections in other territories to build up a trade organization, the Dragon’s Venture, that would serve as a front for their continued activities in Keroon. The Dragon’s Venture would sustain them and they would amass a wealth of means substantial enough to support Keroon’s true Heir and then one day, he would return to his homeland where they would overthrow his brother’s rule.

For public appearances’ sake, and to ensure an unbending focus on their one goal, Dragon’s Venture’ chief leadership role falls on the Lady Sienne. Changhui however, stands at the head of them, but in order to protect his identity, he is not allowed to be involved with the official signing of documentation or attending of trade meetings -anything that would put him in an undesirable position. It was better to keep his role in the Dragon’s Venture a secret. The young Master of the group however, is kept well informed and does his best to do what he can in playing a part in their success in what ways he can. Which is why he can sometimes be found directing their guard and helping overseeing other aspects of the storing and transporting goods -it keeps him occupied when he wants to be, but out of the spotlight.

Changhui has grown up being provided all the things suitable for a Lord’s son. His retainers have been diligent and protective over him, teaching him all that he would need to know to provide Keroon with a worthy Lord Holder one day. Most of his life has been spent in Igen, though he has traveled a lot between the all of the Dragon’s Venture headquarters -all except for that of Keroon. This is again for the purpose of ensuring that his identity is kept in the dark. Furthermore, it is forbidden that any within the organization speak his name. He is only known as the “Young Master”.

Recently, the group has been building onto their Keroon headquarters, further setting the stage for their coup. They have grown in numbers, having leaked information about the truth of Changhui’s survival to a select number of men having at one time been supportive of Holder Yongmun. This has assisted in the expansion of his own personal Guard, which will follow him to Keroon Hold one day to help him carry out his mission. Their connections within the Hold itself to other supporters has also increased. Due to this, they have begun hunting for the engraved sword so that they may reclaim it.

Unlike his twin brother, Jiyu, Changhui has been made aware of his brother's existence. One day he hopes to search for his twin, too. For now though, he’s accepted the fact that he cannot; such a thing would have to wait for a time when he did not have to remain hidden.

Privately, Sienne has already begun a search for the twin in case one day he should ask again after Jiyu. Lady Sienne however, keeps a close watch on the young Heir's focus and does not let him waiver. She has been his primary source of guidance and his closest adviser, beyond her role as fostering mother. She cares for him deeply, but tends to be controlling over him in certain aspects -sometimes to his displeasure, but Changhui has a difficult time speaking out in regards to his feelings because of the respect he holds for her.

Focused and Determined -bent upon the one goal of reclaiming Keroon.
Presumptuous/ feels entitled though he does not bear this trait in a completely conceited manner. He tends to be open to listening to others and considerate of their words. Considers himself as being born to be a Lord Holder, born to privilege, with no real reason to prove himself worthy otherwise. He’s never really had to question it. That has been a truth in his life he’s been raised with, though as he grows older, he finds himself becoming more benevolent and understanding that there is more to being a Lord than simply possessing birthright. For the time being however, he is too focused on his goal of getting to that point, than on questioning the ethics surrounding it.
Very proud. He doesn't like having to admit that someone else is more capable than he -when it comes to the necessity of his goals. He is very proud of his bloodline. He is proud to accomplish great things and would struggle to have to rely on someone else.
Intelligent and well educated.
Possesses the confident, upright, regal demeanor of a Lord’s son.
Decisive and commanding.
Has learned to be fairly calm under pressure.
Diplomatic as seen fit for a proper holder’s son. He prefers diplomatic, peaceful solutions to things, always seeking to resolve issues that way, but he has pushed himself to be unforgiving when it comes to any threat to achieving his goal. He is truly gentle at heart, but desperate circumstances have forced he and his followers to take desperate measures, and he is not against taking violent measures to protect himself and the Dragon’s Venture in order to achieve his goals.
Perhaps without noticing, he takes his position for granted, not fully appreciating what he’s been given in life, or understanding its full worth. That is something that takes more maturity and experience than his life at this point can grant him.
Always highly alert and perceptive of his surroundings, because he’s lived his whole life knowing that his identity might be discovered, and his brother come after him again.
Discerning and skeptical. His situation has taught him to be such in order to survive.
A little uptight, but still a teenager so to speak, so he is eager to have fun and try new things and experience life to its fullest; he just has no friends to do so with due to his circumstances. All those around him are adults and work for him.
Not necessarily a great speaker or inspirer of people, but he knows that people will not automatically take a liking to him and he cannot simply make people respect him. He’s accepted that in the future, and even now, he will have to work hard and give them a reason to be able to do so, so that he will be a better Holder than his brother.
Seems to have endless patience. He's had to learn to be calculating and how to bide his time, laying in wait for many turns, taking one small step at a time to achieve his goal of becoming Keroon's Lord Holder.
Very generous with his friends/ those he cares about. Very giving and willing to sacrifice a lot on their behalf, even at his own loss.

His focus on the singular goal of taking back his father’s seat as Lord Holder. To achieve this, he has allowed himself to involve himself in unsavoury practices at times. Likewise, he has not been allowed to really enjoy life as he might like to -he has refrained from, or been unable to do many things in order to protect his identity and his mission.
Minor phobia of fires and smoke, when it gets too much. It makes him nervous, afraid of losing something important to him, just like on that night when his mother was killed. Too strong a smell of it will also make him uncomfortable. Too strong a smell of oil will also make him uncomfortable.

Mannerisms/ Habits:
When he’s standing and thinking, he tends to clasp his hands behind his back, staring off.

Skills/ Likes:
[Physical Activity]: More dextrous and agile than he appears, he enjoys being involved in athletic activities like swimming, running, sports and combat training.
[Walks]: Enjoys getting outside for walks because it helps him think.
[Runners]: Rides on runnerback. Racing. It’s a simple enjoyment, and easily accessible because of his position in the Dragon’s Venture.

Unskilled at/ Dislikes:
[Physical Touch]: He is uncomfortable with receiving much physical touch, because it is something no one is allowed to do -touch him.
[Music]: Something he has no real desire to pursue, perhaps in part because he feels he has no real talent for it. He also considers himself unskillful and not much liking dancing.

Fighting Style/ Weapon of Choice:
Short sword. His personal Guard has trained him to protect himself.

:: Distinguished Persons' Information ::
Character Views on Thread:
If thread comes, dragons will be there. In the meantime, placate the people by fulfilling their traditions. It is the general attitude/belief in Keroon that thread will return.

Character Views on Hold/ Weyr Relationships:
It is best to keep relationships peaceable. Keroon is a peaceful territory that has seen little real hardship outside of draughts that primarily hit in the northern part of the territory and periodic flooding along the coasts due to storms.

Experience in Hold Management:
Sitting at the head of the Dragon’s Venture.

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PostSubject: Re: Changhui - Keroon's Heir & Head of Dragon's Venture   Changhui - Keroon's Heir & Head of Dragon's Venture I_icon32Thu Jul 04, 2013 5:48 am

Okay. I only have one critique. IF their father had made it clear he wanted one son over another to be heir. The council of Lords would have supported his decision. The position does not always fall on the eldest son, in Pern novels anyway. Allessan's father named him heir and he had three older brothers. It matters little that they were all half-brothers. So the father must have been quite vague about who he wanted to be Lord Holder and in that case a conclave would have been called. I am not sure that the Lord's would choose a bastard son over a full-blooded relative in that instance.

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PostSubject: Re: Changhui - Keroon's Heir & Head of Dragon's Venture   Changhui - Keroon's Heir & Head of Dragon's Venture I_icon32Fri Jul 05, 2013 9:03 pm

mostly taken care of in PM and bios updated. I'll get with you sunday on the family listing you wanted. ^.^
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PostSubject: Re: Changhui - Keroon's Heir & Head of Dragon's Venture   Changhui - Keroon's Heir & Head of Dragon's Venture I_icon32

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Changhui - Keroon's Heir & Head of Dragon's Venture
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