... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Gr'ayn of Brown Carroth

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PostSubject: Gr'ayn of Brown Carroth    Gr'ayn of Brown Carroth  I_icon32Tue Nov 05, 2013 1:56 pm

OOC Info:

Moniker: Quertie

How did you find out about us?: Invited by admins

Character Info:

Name: Gr'ayn (previously Grashayn

Pronunciation: Gur-ain

Title: Brownrider

Honourific: Gr'ayn

Age & Turn of Birth: 16, ToB Autumn of 485

Gender: Male

Place of Birth: Cothold subject to Peyton Hold, by the river

Current Place of Residence: Fort Weyr

Craft: Sr Apprentice weaver

Rank/Occupation/Role Desired: Brownrider/ Weyrling

Character Aspirations: Before being spirited away to Fort Weyr, his aspirations were of nothing more than to rise through the ranks of his craft and ultimately take over his granpapa's cothold and business – turning out some of the finest cloth and material in the local area. Good enough to fetch a decent price in Fort Hold when they managed to get a shipment that far. Now that he has Impressed, he has no idea what his life has in store for him and his dreams are more or less sunk.

OOC Character Development Goals: I think he could develop to become a very fine field man – someone that the leadership sends out singularly to accomplish small missions that might require some stratagem.

Family: (Give their name, age/year of birth, rank and signify if they are deceased.)

Father: Timinel, born spring of  448, Master weaver

Mother: Ronique, born summer of 461, Journeywoman farmer (Cotton) (3rd wife, deceased)

Siblings: many older half-siblings, Varena, f, 489

Children: N/A

Other Significant: N/A


Gr'ayn of Brown Carroth  Red_Headed_Young_Man

Hair: Both his short-cropped beard and his curry carrot top head are a matching reddish-orange during the winter months, but they can sunbleach out to a more strawberry blonde during the summer months.

Eyes: Steel blue/grey

Height: 6'

Build: Average, looks a tad thin due to his height.

Other Notable Physical Traits: Usually he is wearing a disarming smile, even if he's by himself.

Style of Dress: Widely varied. The son of a master weaver, he never wanted for clothes. Varying from drab work clothes soiled from the field, all the way to some of the most flamboyant, loudly colored garments that one would only expect to see on the rich – despite being only middle/lower class himself.

Possessions usually found on persona:

    ✣ Ball of string in pocket
    ✣ Small knife, usually in imminent need of sharpening
    ✣ Fine necklace chain w/ small pendant that is always concealed inside collar

History: Gr'ayn was born in a small cothold that is still owned by his granpapa, a master weaver. His father, also a master weaver, didn't have much time for the lad, as he was one more in a growing line of children to his name. Gr'ayn's mother was his father's third but only wife. She lived just a few turns longer, until she died in childbirth having Gr'ayn's little sister. Before the turn was out his father was remarried yet again – he seemed to have the worst luck in keeping a living wife.

Seeing no distinguishments between his half siblings and his only full sibling, and acquiring a new mother at a relatively young age, Gr'ayn was a fairly happy child in a full house of children ranging all ages – for even his cousins lived there in the same cothold. For the first three turns of his life he just ran about and played as small children are prone to do. By his fourth turn, he was helping in the cotton fields that stretched between the cothold and the river – when he wasn't sneaking off to play in the river itself with some of the other boys and more adventurous girls. After one of his cousins drowned in the river when they were supposed to be working, his father put a clamp on such activities, assigning a few hired hands to keep the youngsters in line in the field. This didn't help much, but it did keep them from spending quite as much time playing.

When he reached his tenth turn, Gr'ayn was introduced to his craft. He wasn't given a choice, it was merely assumed that he would follow in the footsteps of all the men in his line. He would become a weaver, and help produce some of the finest materials in the area. Naturally, his first efforts were far from spectacular, sometimes even bordering on trashy because he missed going out to the river with the other children, and spent more time staring out the open windows than paying attention to what his loom was doing – or which pedals he was stomping on.

A few turns grew the craft on him though, when he began to see the beauty in the cloth, and the patterns, the colors that he could weave into some rather beautiful pictures and patterns. Tapestries really began to catch his imagination, though he was turns away from the skill it would take to make one. As he grew, turning from a gangly big-eared boy into a strapping, good-looking young man, his granpapa inadvertently turned him into something of a clothes horse, always trying designs and patterns out on the lad – and sometimes even having him model them when he happened to travel to any of the bigger holds. Advertisement was not beyond the old man, and he understood the importance of a nice face to wear it.

It was on a day when Gr'ayn was away from his loom and out fooling about at the river for old-time's sake during his fifteenth turn when he was rather randomly spirited away to the Weyr to a whole other destiny that he never saw coming.

Being spirited away so suddenly and unexpectedly, he didn't even have a chance to say goodbye to his family, who had no idea what had happened to him. He was whisked to the Weyr in a hurry, as the hatching was already starting. The whole place was a bustle with people rushing around in semi-panic/excitement, while the ground trembled with the voices of dragonsong. Lost and awhirl in this very alien environment, he was rather pliable to being shoved around, stripped of his clothes and crammed into a robe before being shoved out onto the hot sands that cradled the absolutely most monstrously large eggs he'd ever seen in his life. If he thought he was in shock before, he really was in shock when they started exploding to deposit slimy young dragons onto the sand.

This was definitely not how he had planned to spend the rest of the day.

Having had no instruction at all on what was happening, and not really remembering the few things that had been shouted at him prior to his being pushed out onto the sand, he naturally freaked out when the first hatchling came barreling in his direction looking very hungry.

He was pretty sure he was being fed to the dragons.

Spinning about to go darting back toward the tunnel he'd been shoved out of, he plowed right into an unsuspecting youth. Going down in a tangle of robes, arms, and legs, it took him a moment to get his feet back under him - with or without stomping on someone to do it. After all, he didn't have to outrun the hungry monsters. He just had to outrun all the other stupid blokes that were just standing there all googly-eyed.

Needless to say, while he made it to the entrance, he didn't make it any further. Some over-muscled oaf stopped him there and wrestled him to a stand still just long enough for one of the toothy monsters to catch him.

It just makes life fun to go into something you know nothing about without any warning or training. His whole world changed yet again in as many minutes it seemed. All of a sudden the world had gone from being black-and-white, to color... and the funny thing was he'd never noticed it being black and white before. But it was better, happier, wonderful .... and horribly hungry.

Presented with the love of his life, the newly made Gr'ayn was in a bit of a tizzy trying to catch up to his new reality. Thankfully there were plenty of people on hand to help him catch his stride - and get that awful hungry feeling under control.

His lessons after that were absolutely horrible, mostly because he had no ground work to base them on. Playing catch up was hard on the time and sleep part, but made easier by the support of his new dragon. Carroth wanted him to succeed and rise above the challenge. He did everything he could to help his new rider get with the curve.

Gr'ayn struggled with it though, not having a single soul that he knew even remotely was hard. Being ripped from one life and stuffed unceremoniously into another he'd never even thought about was even harder. But he did the best he knew how to do, stumbling a lot and getting up again to try yet again. He was pretty sure the entire rest of the class thought he was a class one idiot before even the first day was out.

It was some months later that Gr'ayn learned that his folks thought he'd drowned in the river... mostly because someone had seen him headed that direction, and he couldn't be found afterward.

Personality: Gr'ayn is generally a happy go lucky sort of person, always with a ready smile and comment of interest. He tends to hide his disappointments of life fairly well, having been raised by more or less happy people it was easy habit to also be a happy person.

That is not to say he's not a serious individual however – he knows when things need to be knuckled down to and taken care of … most of the time. He is, after all, a young lad. He's been known to shirk his chores to go gallivanting off in pursuit of a good time! Generally responsible, he's not infallible.

Details details details. Gr'ayn can be all about them - sometimes this is a good thing, when it comes to getting the finer points of a pattern down in a draft for the loom. At other times, it can be quite annoying, maybe even infuriating - sometimes even to Gr'ayn if he can't get them right. But as an extension of this facet, his quarters are usually quite neat. It's hard to find a needle in a haystack after all ... unless there's no haystack. Thankfully, his ability to drop everything and do something completely off the wall allows him to not get completely hung up on details. He doesn't like to, but he can wing it. The good part is that he's usually always going to have a plan B if plan A goes awry ... and a plan C, D, E, and F... he's not a worrier, really. Or even a planner down to the smallest detail. He's a just-in-caser.

Other than his tools (which will always be idolized regardless of the trade they are), he has very little value for things. Things always came and went in his life, and as a result they don't mean anything to him. Where a nice shirt meant the world to the shepherd down the way, it was rote for Gr'ayn. While he understood the work that went into it, he also understood that it would also be going away soon ... and there would always be something else later on. Nice things weren't anything special to him personally, though he certainly appreciated the art that they represented. He never goes out of his way to destroy or lose something ... but it's not going to ruin his day if something does get ruined. But now his tools ... don't nobody be messing with his tools!

Shortcomings: He is known to randomly drop whatever he's doing to go sneaking off to find a bit of fun. Especially if there are cohorts involved. Gr'ayn also has a tendency to resist changes imposed upon him without being even asked, but he eventually does come around if he can't wiggle his way out of it.

He can get very very VERY irate with anyone who messes up his tools. Whether they are the tools for caring for his dragon, riding his dragon, or the tools used in textile manufacture ... NOBODY better mess with his tools! Want to borrow one? Ask. And then return it - to it's proper place. But tools always get the utmost respect and reverence. Tools are the lifeblood of any crafter, and he's very attached to his.

Mannerisms or Habits: He grins a lot… sometimes too much. Sometimes it may even be a worried grin, but the teeth get flashed a lot. Because of this sometimes people might think he's a bit dense and doesn't grasp reality really well, while the contrary is actually true. He grasps reality really well, he just handles it better internally than some.

He's a very neat individual. Everything is in it's place. But while he likes everything to be neat, and findable ... he won't blow a gasket over things being messy either. He just ... fixes it.

[Skill/Like 1]: He loves to swim and generally horseplay in the water. It is a pastime that he and his siblings/cousins did every chance they got, getting away from the adults and the adult life.

[Skill/Like 2]: He is an excellent weaver, and is somewhat proud of that. He loves to portray art in the form of tapestries… though it might take him a full year in spare moments to produce a single small piece.

Dislikes/Unskillful at:
[Dislike/Unskillful at 1]: He hates change that he didn't orchestrate himself. If it wasn't in his plans, he's going to resist it until he comes to the conclusion that he's wasting his effort and eventually gives up and goes along to get along.

[Dislike/Unskillful at 2]: Gr'ayn detests picking cotton. He's done so much of the itchy, slow, hot work that just the thought of cotton still on the plant makes him scowl.

Fighting Style/Weapon of Choice: While his background in textiles has made him extremely deft with a knife and scissors, his true interest lies in learning to be good with a bow.

Dragon Information:

Dragon Name: Carroth (Charriot)

Year of Impression 500 AL

Clutch Name: Arcane Skies by Gold Galadrieth & Bronze Taroth

Weyr of Hatching: Fort


Colouring: Brown


Length: 35 meters
Height: 30 HH

Other Physical Characteristics: Carroth is a long, short thing. In fact he's almost comical in his proportions. However, it makes him really slinky in the air, and even more slinky on the ground. If he takes a notion to running however, it's really hilarious. It's more like the hopping of a treerat than anything else, because his legs are so much shorter than normal proportions would suggest. His wings are of an appropriate size to make him a powerful flier, though he'll never be terribly fast… just more agile than he's got any right to be.

He's a dark, mottled, muddy color of brown. The shade is not at all consistent, and makes him look perpetually dirty. No amount of washing or oiling will ever make his hide pretty by common standards. However – he also completely disappears in the night time or dusk hours. Which might be handy … if he were a wher. As it is, it's merely inconvenient for His.

Personality: Carroth is a stable, self confident dragon that knows what he's about. He has a painfully high standard that he is always striving toward, and with it he seems to be full of boundless energy that is always being channeled into something useful … even if it doesn't look like it. The dragon spends almost as much energy on thought as he does on anything else.

If he's obsessed with anything, it's with doing the right thing … and sometimes he can be rather anal about His doing the right thing too. Though that's more difficult to manage, as His isn't quite so concerned with Right as he is with Convenient … or Want To. It really drives him up the wall if he doesn't perceive His as honorable … or the pair of them being honorable.

Conquest ----- Honor ----- Victory ----- Energy
Egocentrism ----- Self-confidence ----- Conviction ----- Anxiety
Willpower ----- Self-assertion ----- Hard control ----- Discipline
Inflexibility ----- Success ----- Wealth ----- Recognition
Impulsivity ----- Command ----- Bravery ----- Pride

Voice: Liam Neeson

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PostSubject: Re: Gr'ayn of Brown Carroth    Gr'ayn of Brown Carroth  I_icon32Tue Nov 05, 2013 3:38 pm

Kate or Jess may have other ideas for you/ critiques, but as for myself, I would like to see a little bit in his history about the following:
-What turn/ age was he Searched? What kind of effect did that have on him/ his family in short?
-How is he adjusting to weyrlife? has he found himself able to use his talents in weavercraft to help others, thereby finding more opportunities to befriend others? or????
-How is his relationship to his weyrling class/ clutchmates? (his background etc etc may have an effect on this. this may be something we need to have a bit of charie discussion to try to cultivate some plotties for that Smile )
-and how is his relationship with his dragon in general? Has Impression impacted his life for better/ worse/ etc? in short.

Keep in mind, these points don't have to be long and drawn out, but are deserving of a little bitty mention at least, considering they have probably had a huge effect on his life. Probably as big of events as marriage or death of a close family member. I mean , this is totally new life to him, especially since he was born in a little cothold.

Another thought: you mentioned in the OOC development that he might be good as a leadership type person in the future or someone who can really be depended on; has that begun playing out at all through their weyrling training thus far? maybe the WLM has seen signs and already assigns him special errands/ tasks. Maybe he notices other weyrlings can act a little jealous of him? Maybe we can work out there's some weyrling who won't get along with him well bc of that jealousy? maybe some of the girls in the class like him because he's the strong dependable handsome, charismatic brownrider? just some ideas that could also help get him integrated more into the group as you're starting to RP him. Where do you see him fitting into the group best?
They have been impressed for a little while , so he will have some sort of relationship wtih them already. How do you want to define that relationship?

Also, like to see a little more on personality. I can pick out maybe three or four personality traits from him, but think these could easily be added to, to give him a little more depth and thereby make him more fun to play right off the bat instead of just waiting to see how he'll turn out. Wink
Just some ideas:
-As a weaver, is he a colourful and creative person?
-does his Craft make him a meticulous person? A detail oriented person? Maybe this makes him more discerning because he's used to having to grade quality of such things? etc etc. This could add to his positive traits as a dependable person.
-because he's used to having many/ and sometimes expensive clothes, is he a little materialistic when it comes to those things? or does he feel deserving/ entitled to those things? or maybe with the easy come, easy go, of those types of things he never really feels the need to get attached to material things because he's used to rotating them out and knowing if one gets ruined it'll be easily replaced?
-etc ideas

all of these things will effect his relationship with the rest of his class and how he's adjusting to weyrlife/ how others have been perceiving him over the last turn since impression or however long its been Smile

AND BY THE WAY Smile if he's a super awesome weaver that still enjoys playing with those creative talents, I have a character he shoudl be friends with! N'kai! go read N'kai's bio if you get a chance. Smile Smile they'll be BFF!

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PostSubject: Re: Gr'ayn of Brown Carroth    Gr'ayn of Brown Carroth  I_icon32Wed Nov 06, 2013 2:18 pm

Looks good to me. I approve. Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Gr'ayn of Brown Carroth    Gr'ayn of Brown Carroth  I_icon32

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Gr'ayn of Brown Carroth
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