... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 PENDERRIN - Apprentice Beastcrafter/Candidate

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PostSubject: PENDERRIN - Apprentice Beastcrafter/Candidate   PENDERRIN - Apprentice Beastcrafter/Candidate I_icon32Sat Jan 25, 2014 9:51 pm

OOC Info:
Moniker: Caoimhe
How did you find out about us?:

Character Info:

Pronunciation: Pen- dare-in

Title: Senior Apprentice

Honourific: If Impressed possible honorifics: Pr'in, P'end, P'en, P'rin, P'den, P'din, P'der....any of those are acceptable. HAHA.

Age & Turn of Birth: 15, Turn 486

Gender: male

Place of Birth: Telgar Hold, a small cothold.

Current Place of Residence: a small beastcraft hold in eastern Keroon near the Southeaster border where it meets Telgar Hold.

Craft: Beastcraft

Rank/Occupation/Role Desired: Senior Apprentice

Character Aspirations:
Penderrin wants to become a MAster Beastcrafter. He loves being able to research diseases in animals and apply that to disease in humans as well. He loves research. He would also some day like to be married and have a real family. He also wants Rhysling to always be his best friend and be nearby. She is his sister in all ways but genetically and he feels responsible for her welfare.

OOC Character Development Goals:
Settlement drama with some of the others
Become a Journeyman
Searched to Igen Weyr

Father: Tacrous (deceased)
Mother: Eretira (deceased)
Siblings:Maevry (24) of green Lestrath (7),  Ta’ren (22) of Blue Esiuth (7),  Y’nire (20) of blue Mavroth (7) (all three at Telgar Weyr), Eadie (would be 17, deceased)
Children: N/A
Other Significant:
Rhysling (15, f) – Apprentice Beascrafter. Another Orphan. Almost like a twin, they have their own language and often know what one another is thinking without saying anything. They tend to keep to themselves.
Gilvern “Gil”(39, m) – Sr. Journeyman Beastcrafter, took both children in when they were seven.
Orjna (37, f) – Gilvern’s wife
Nerezza (12, f) – Nez is Gilvern and Orjna’s daughter. She was sent away to study healing at the Healer Hall at Fort Hold. The family misses her.
Deshen (10, m) – Desh is also Gilvern and Orjna’s child, their son. He is studying beastcrafting at the Hall. He’s been gone for only a few months but they all miss the talkative and exuberant youth.  
Urik (16, m) Senior Apprentice, studying under Gilvern. It is his personal mission to tease the orphan pair mercilessly.

Face:Ezra Miller
PENDERRIN - Apprentice Beastcrafter/Candidate Penderrin_zps3a7cf099PENDERRIN - Apprentice Beastcrafter/Candidate Penderrin1_zpsf86f51f2
Hair: Black to dark brown in color, thick, straight with a slight wave as it grows out. He sometimes allows it to grow to his shoulders. When working he may have it pulled back in a pony tail or he may leave it down, just depends on his mood.
Eyes: Dark brown. Half moon shaped.
Height: 5’9” and growing
Build: Thin, athletic muscled, but again, he doesn’t get a ton of food.
Other Notable Physical Traits: A few scars from working with animals. He has high cheekbones and an almost olive complexion but he is rather pale for someone who works outside.
Style of Dress: He only has a couple pairs of clothes to his name. Both are a tan-brown color, thick material work pants. He has three shirts of an off white color which are loose, like tunics. He has a hefty coat for the winter and wears work boots.
Possessions usually found on persona:

    ✣leather bracelet with an R on it. He gave Rhysling a matching one with a P. ✣✣


  • Turn 486-born
  • Turn 494, at eight Turns old, three of his older siblings are Searched and Impress at Telgar Weyr. At the same time an illness breaks out at the cothold and his parent and sister die, leaving him without family.  

    At this point he left the small cothold in Nabol and thought he was headed for High Reaches Weyr but he ended up heading in the wrong direction. Before long, the orphaned boy was tired of walking. He had no food, no supplies, no knowledge of how to survive.

    He was lucky.

    He was more lucky than he could ever know when he was taken in by a Caravan traveling towards Keroon. He didn't know what to do, he helped them where he could and they in return gave him some food and allowed him to travel with them. He was lucky also that he was not with them any longer than he was. Since he belonged to no one it was easy to misuse him.

    Not only did he work more than the other children but he was often beaten in order to get the point across that he was just a boy they found on the side of the road who had no family and no friends to mourn him if he died.

    Eventually he snuck away and was not found by the caravan. He made his way down to the water and followed the shoreline. While he had no idea how to fish, he figured he would eventually be successful.  While he was sleeping one night he woke to a flickering light in the distance.
  • Turn 494 - He approached a fire, he could smell fish cooking. He knew people were dangerous but he was so hungry. when he did approach he was shocked to find a girl, alone. He looked to be half starved and his eyes said he didn't trust her to give him the food. She looked away from his hungry face and finished cooking the fish. She didn't say anything, she had forgotten that she needed to when dealing with people.  Regardless she took the fish off of the fire, using the drifting wood she found, it had made a good spit any way. Still she held the fish out to the starving boy, motioning with her hands that it was for him to eat.  Rhysling was not used to being around people anymore so she said very little. He did thank her politely for giving him some food. It was strange tohim that she would be out here alone and that she knew how to cook a fish and catch one. Where had she learned that? He wondered. While he still didn't trust,  her he needed someone to help him and she seemed pretty harmless.

    When they had finished eating, they slept through the night into the morning. The red haired girl offered to take him wherever he needed to go, in as few words as possible. He said he was trying to get to Telgar weyr. Unfortunately he had gotten his bearings wrong and gone the wrong way. Rhysling made the suggestion that they follow the river.
  • Turn 495 - Found by a Beastcrafter and his family while traveling to their new station. Journeymen were called such because of all the journeying after all. Penderrin had warned her before not to trust anyone straight away so she said very little and kept her distance. And she did with the humans. With the animals well... Rhysling took it upon herself to care for the runners and pack beasts that were with them while Penderrin found himself befriending the beastcrafter's children. Immediately the beastcrafter made them his apprentice's in order to have an excuse to keep them with him. It allowed them time to get used to the man and his family and his other apprentice.
  • Turn 496 - Penderrin finds that apprenticeship allows him to explore more of his curiosity and he begins to learn the basics of why beasts do what they do etc etc. He finds out about Urik bullying Rhysling and wants to put a stop to it but Rhysling doesn't allow him to get involved. She is a pacifist and he respects her so he does as she asks.
  • Turn 497 - Penderrin begins a project with Gil, concerning diseases in animals. He also explores what animals give diseases to both humans and animals, this is a project he works on until the move to the Settlement in 501. There is a competitive thing going on between him and Urik but its almost friendly.

    When Urik stops bullying Rhysling, Penderrin and Urik begin to share ideas about their projects and find they can be friends.
  • Turn 498 -  Penderrin feels Rhysling has become like family. And while she trusts others, the only person she really confides in is Penderrin, which he takes very seriously. When Rhysling reveals her desire to learn more about genetics, he encourages her to talk to Journeyman Gil.
  • Turn 501-Move to the  Settlement


  • Shy/Quiet- He does not go out of his way to talk to people. Tends to be quiet and keep to himself as much as possible. He is shy and can be nervous to talk to people he doesn't know well. He figures most people are as judgemental as he is and he doesn't want to come across as stupid.
  • Observant - Sees things most of the time that other people miss. How someone might tuck their hair behind their ear or laugh after they say something that isn't true...
  • Empathetic - He is very much in tune with feelings and emotions of other people but most particularly Rhysling who doesn't speak much at all.
  • Intelligent - He has a fairly sharp mind which he uses mostly for his scientific endeavors in beastcrafting. He has a thirst for knowledge that is never quite sated.
  • Brave - Despite having many irrational and rational fears, he tends to face his fears more than run from them. He can be considered brave though he might not believe it of himself.
  • Loyal - When he makes a friend he makes a friend for life. He isn't too trusting of people so those he does trust have his loyalty.
  • Honest - He would never lie to someone, even if it was easier to lie. Lies just led to heartbreak and misery. Better to be honest and up front.
  • Judgmental - He does judge a person by what he sees of them. He tends towards being distrustful of most people. He might decide upon meeting a person for only a few seconds whether he can be friends with them or not. As such he isolates himself and Rhysling.

Overly protective of Rhysling
Feels like he has to be the strong one, often pushing aside his own emotional trauma to help her.
Being judgmental means being overly critical of people he hasn't even met. He does decide what a person is like without really getting to know them. Its sometimes a good thing and sometimes it keeps him from making friends with people.

Mannerisms or Habits:
bites his nails
picks at everything

[Careful Study/theories]: He is quite studious and takes great pride in learning all he can about a particular theory or finding. He is a scientist at heart.
[Experiments]: Recording findings, running experiements, learning what he can by trial and error, it makes him all sorts of giddy.
[Feeling loved]: Unlike Rhysling, he has an intense desire to be loved. Both emotionally and physically.
[Debate]: He likes to debate things he has learned with other people who have a sufficient knowledge to come up with a flip side to what he is thinking. He can learn from hearing things from other people that he did not think of for himself.

Dislikes/Unskillful at:
[Menial labor]:Its boring. He doesn't like it because its not challenging not because he feels it is beneath him. He can do it and will if asked but he doesn't care for it.
[rude/overbearing/ know it all types]: Its one thing to have knowledge, its another to rub it in other people's noses. Rudeness and being overbearing are just annoying to him. He can't stand to be around people like that.
[Being alone]: Even when he was in a bad situation, he often thought he would rather that than be alone. While he did spend some time alone as a child, he doesn't like it. He really does need other people.
[Ignorance/ Bullying]: After watching what happened to Rhysling being bullied and being beat himself as a child, he  really cannot stand to see someone else being treated poorly. He also thinks people who are mean simply because they are afraid or ignorant of other people are just ridiculous. If a person would just take the time to learn about others, then some of the crap that went on would never happen. People could live more peacefully.

Fighting Style/Weapon of Choice: He prefers not to fight, except to defend others, in which case he will do whatever he has to.

Crafter Information:
Craft: Beastcraft

Turns in Craft: 7

Rank: Senior Apprentice

Location of Journeymanship:

Specialization: Immunology & Zoonotic disease

Candidate Information:
Standing Only? No

Color Preference: Brown, Blue or Green

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PENDERRIN - Apprentice Beastcrafter/Candidate
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