... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Wingleader L'rue and bronze Sebienth

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PostSubject: Wingleader L'rue and bronze Sebienth   Wingleader L'rue and bronze Sebienth I_icon32Mon Oct 22, 2012 9:04 am

OOC Info:
Moniker: Melissa/Trouble
How did you find out about us?: JQ and Jess

Character Info:
Name: Lanrue

Pronunciation: LAN-ruu

Title: Wingleader

Honourific: L'rue

Age & Turn of Birth: 38

Gender: Male

Place of Birth: Telgar Weyr

Current Place of Residence: Fort Weyr

Craft: N/A, though he showed proficiency in jewelry crafting and sketching before he Impressed

Rank/Occupation/Role Desired: Wingleader / Possible Weyrleader

Character Aspirations: L'rue's personal goals know no bounds. He wants to be Weyrleader, and not just any Weyrleader. The Weyrleader of Fort, making him Senior Weyrleader regardless of how many Weyrs are open. He has studied his entire life preparing for this, spent every moment since his Impression (and quite a few before) studying records and wing charts.

That drive continues even now, with the depression he faces. The change of location had to do with the painful memories of Telgar, but he also knows that the new blood will infuse Fort and is confident that his Sabienth can outfly any Fort bred dragon. He plans on making quite the impact, and expects the future clutches Sabienth sires will be amongst the strongest dragons on Pern.

OOC Character Development Goals: I'd like him to further develop his leadership abilities, to be a better Wingleader, Weyrleader, and even just an assistant to the Weyrleader. His innate desire to run things will always make him levitate towards those in power.

I want someone to draw him out of the shell he built around himself after Milla's death.

Family: Lanrue
Father: Ru'eln, rider of brown Bristh - 67
Mother: Lannelis, rider of green Tomirith - 63
Siblings: Half sister Milla (mother's side), rider of green Arsiyth - 33 Turns at death
Children: None
Other Significant: Jisalla - Milla's daughter - 10 Turns

Wingleader L'rue and bronze Sebienth LrueBanner
Hair: Dark blonde, could get lighter in the sun. He wears it cut short enough that it naturally spikes up, and it's surpsingly soft.
Eyes: Dark brown and friendly, lined with wrinkles from smiling so often
Height: 6'2"
Build: Slim but well muscled
Other Notable Physical Traits: Nothing but the normal bumps and scraps from his childhood. He has a scar behind his right ear from the fight over his sister when he was younger, but it's hidden by his hair.
Style of Dress: A little shabby, even in his Gather dress. He looks amazing in his flight leathers, but out of them the air of impressiveness just disappears. This may be a personal choice of his... he never lets his wing see him in anything other than his leathers, and Jasilla never sees him in anything but his personal clothes.
Possessions usually found on persona:

    ✣ A beaded necklace he gave to Milla before his first promotion, in apology for not paying enough attention to her. He keeps it in his pocket.✣ A slightly better than average short blade for dining and defense✣ A simple sketch of Milla, kept in the same pocket as the necklace

History: Lanrue was but one of many boys in the creche at Telgar Weyr, but he stood out almost immediately. He was bigger than most of the other children, and definitely more clever and quick to learn. While he could have turned that into a lifetime of torementing he instead focused on his sire and his position. His father was Weyrleader of Telgar for some time, and while Lanrue had a very distant relationship with his sire (as all weyr children do) he was determined to live up to his father's legacy.

His natural charm and charisma made it easy for the other weyr children to fall in line behind him, and he made certain that there was no bullying or cruelness under His Watch. And he did consider it his job, to be a protector for the smaller children. In particular his younger half sister, Milla, brought out the protective side in him. She was a wispy little thing and a bit odd in the head, and the one fight he ever got in as a child was over protecting her. While everyone involved got quite a bit of extra chores no one ever bothered Milla again.

He Impressed at the first clutch he was eligable to Stand for, a fine specimin of a bronze named Sebienth. Once again the charisma and charm, not to mention he had been the ringleader of most of his fellow weyrlings for their entire lives, came into play. As the only bronze in the clutch he was groomed for leadership, a role he happily accepted. He spent so much time focused on his training and his research that he actually hurt his sister, who felt he had forgotten about her. That led to a few Turns of strained relations between the two, until the day that L'rue was promoted to Wingsecond just after his five Turn mark as a dragonrider. Milla understood then, and he swore to have more time for her afterwards.

Milla Impressed barely two Turns later, making her understand even more. Though she didn't have the responsibiliy of being a bronze rider hanging over her the strictures of being a greenrider were tough enough. L'rue tutored her privately, teaching her what he knew. In the process he learned even more about the structure and workings of the Wings, especially the roles of the greens and blues. His new found knowledge impressed his Wingleader and the Weyrleaders of Telgar, and he was eager for a chance to prove himself. Sebienth had yet to fly a gold, though he was quite popular with the greens of the Weyrs.

His sister gave birth to a daughter, Jisalla, after a mating flight, and he found himself drawn to the little girl like a moth to a flame. Milla was almost as taken with the baby, though she was as flighty as the dragon she rose. Jisalla may have slowed his momentum, at least temporarily, because it took him another five Turns to be promoted to Wingleader of his own Wing.

Tragedy struck only two Turns later, though. Milla's Wing was working on flying in dangerous weather conditions, and a sudden down draft sent her and her tiny green Arsiyth hard into the side of a mountain. The pair were mercifully killed upon impact, dying without pain.

L'rue was left lost for months, though he shelled it off well from the rest of the Weyr. He barely knew his parents other than names to be recited, and his own brief trysts never amounted to anything. It didn't take him even a Turn to request a transfer to Fort Weyr. With the signs of the Pass, the Weyrs were more than welcome to trade blood around. No one questioned him when he took Jisalla from the creche and packed her atop Sebienth before leaving.

    ✣ 462 - Lanrue born at Telgar Weyr✣ 466 - Milla born✣ 478 - Impresses bronze Sebienth✣ 483 - Promoted to Wingsecond✣ 485 - Milla Impresses green Arsiyth✣ 490 - Milla gives birth to Jisalla✣ 495 - Promoted to Wingleader✣ 497 - Milla dies during a freak storm during wing practice✣ 498 - Transfers to Fort Weyr, bringing Jisalla with him to live in the creche

Personality: At the bottom of it all L'rue has charisma and charm oozing out of every pore. He can be overly theatrical, especially with the ladies. Surprisingly he's not that much of a ladies man, spending most of his nights alone. He's never had a long term relationship, either. His cordial manner and easy way with people make him a great poster child for the Weyrs. He's handsome, charming, and looks every inch the dragonrider when in his leathers.

While he was once very outgoing, and had plenty of friends, he changed after his sister's death. Perhaps he became more aware of the fragility of human life, perhaps he just can't get over the loss of the only person he ever truly connected with. That was just the thing: all those friends were just surface friends. He rarely let anyone in close, and since Milla's death keeps others at an even further distance.

He couldn't be more of a different man when in the different aspects of his life. As a Wingleader he's tough but fair, and will push his Wing to their limits during every training session. He has a unique understanding of the greens and blues, having spent so much time personally training his sister during his time off, and uses that knowledge everyday with the non-metallic dragons. He tries to think up inventive practices to keep things from getting too stale. He celebrates with his Wing, but the mask doesn't come down.

It only does when he's alone with Jisalla. The slightly cocky, charismatic bronzerider melts away and all that is left is the loving uncle-turned-father. Jisalla tugs at heart strings he isn't ready to face: he wants to be a father, and he wants to be involved. He visits his niece every evening, his nightly routine that he must complete before being able to sleep.

His deep down desire is to find someone to love, something he doesn't talk about because it is downright non-bronzerider like. He wants to have a child, and he wants to be involved in that child's life as much as his responsibilities as a dragonrider allow.

Shortcomings: He's become very withdrawn since his sister's death, not really allowing anyone close. His ambition seems to have taken a blow and he needs something to wake him from that. He spends what some might see as an unhealthy amount of time with his niece, but will tear apart the first person to suggest that he spend less time with her. And, when he truly gets into work and his ambition (which he hasn't, not truly, for a while) he can become overly focused and ignore those he loves.

Mannerisms or Habits: His hand constantly goes to the pocket where he keeps the bracelet the sketch of his sister. He also checks his own work, both written and addition, multiple times. He's slightly overly concerned with making mistakes.

[Like 1]: Sketching people he loves, though he hasn't done so since Milla's death
[Like 2]: Making jewelry, though like with sketching he hasn't made a thing since his sister died
[Like 3]: Spending time with his niece, who has become more like a daughter to him
[Like 4]: Demonstrating his abilities as a leader and top notch flyer... he soaks up admiration like it's sun.

[Dislike 1]: Disorganization... as a very organized individual even others disorganization drives him insane. He will clean when you aren't looking.
[Dislike 2]: Easy women, those that throw themselves at him. He wants a challenge, and to be liked for more than his rank knots.
[Dislike 3]: The color yellow, for no reason other than it irritates him.

Fighting Style/Weapon of Choice: L'rue may look defenseless, but his belt knife was designed with fighting as well as eating in mind. It has a nice upwards curve to it, and fits his palm perfectly. And, if he happens to lose his blade, he was champion of the wrestling matches for many Turns in a row.

Dragon Information:
Dragon Name: Sebienth

Year of Impression 478

Clutch Name:

Weyr of Hatching: Telgar Weyr

Colouring: Deep, burnished bronze, almost a burnt gold. There are darker streaks through his wings, with the very tips nearly black.

Size: Large for a bronze, closer to the size of the small queens
Length: 38
Height: 44

Other Physical Characteristics: Very well proportioned, and muscular. An extremely handsome bronze, a fact he's well aware of, which makes the constant disappointment of not catching queens just that more stinging.

Personality: Sebienth is a quiet dragon, not speaking very often even to his rider. He is more of an emotion sending dragon, and his commands to his Wing are usually short and to the point.

Like his rider he's a born leader, as most bronzes are. He has a commanding air about him, and his size helps when other dragons need to be cowed and a queen isn't handy.

Voice: A deeper, baritone version of L'rue's lighter voice

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PostSubject: Re: Wingleader L'rue and bronze Sebienth   Wingleader L'rue and bronze Sebienth I_icon32Tue Oct 23, 2012 12:43 pm

Nice! I'll let Kate be the final say since he's a rider and she's handling more of the Weyr stuff, but he looks pretty complete to me!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Wingleader L'rue and bronze Sebienth   Wingleader L'rue and bronze Sebienth I_icon32Tue Oct 23, 2012 6:57 pm

Looks good to me.

Just one minor thing to edit in at your convenience would be the dragon sizes. We are using these measurements for our Bronzes : around 35-38 meters in length, height would be measured in hands high (as with Earth's horses) and would be on average between 41 to 44 hh (hands high). Let me know if you are at all confused about this ( I am so not a math person)

I would go ahead and have it approved and we can work this out at any time. I would like to have it done soon though. I like having a list of dragons played and their sizes. So you know who is bigger and smaller than your dragon. Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Wingleader L'rue and bronze Sebienth   Wingleader L'rue and bronze Sebienth I_icon32Wed Oct 24, 2012 4:34 am

@Caoimhe wrote:

I would go ahead and have it approved and we can work this out at any time. I would like to have it done soon though. I like having a list of dragons played and their sizes. So you know who is bigger and smaller than your dragon. Smile

There ya go!
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PostSubject: Re: Wingleader L'rue and bronze Sebienth   Wingleader L'rue and bronze Sebienth I_icon32

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Wingleader L'rue and bronze Sebienth
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