... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Attica's Achievement Tracking

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PostSubject: Attica's Achievement Tracking   Attica's Achievement Tracking I_icon32Wed Jul 02, 2014 6:56 pm

Place an X in the box to the right of each field in order to indicate its completion. These achievements may be added to/ adjusted over time; same with rewards. Feel free to make your own requests




[_] Create your first Dragonrider
[x] Create your first Candidate
[x] Create your first Crafter
[_] Create/ Adopt a Weyrling
[x] Adopt a non dragonrider (Adoptable or Classifieds character)
[_] Create your first Greenrider
[_] Create your first Bluerider
[_] Create a Brownrider
[_] Create a Bronzerider
[_] Create a Goldrider or Impress a Gold

Reward: Choose your own Account Rank Name/ Name Colour for the board.


[_] Be involved in a major plot
[x] Be involved in a minor plot
[x] Start a new plot
[x] Complete your first thread
[x] Start a new thread
[_] Post a Character History thread
[_] Complete 10 threads
[_] Complete 25 threads
[_] Fight Thread  -in a threadfall drill

Reward: Impress multiple firelizards



[_] Travel to another Weyr
[_] Travel to Keroon
[_] Travel to Igen
[_] Travel to Telgar
[x] Travel to Fort
[_] Travel to Crom
[_] Travel to Southern Boll
[x] Travel by Ship
[_] Travel by Runner
[_] Travel by Caravan
[_] Travel by dragonback

Reward: Receive special permissions from the Weyrwoman for your highest ranked Rider to travel freely between Holds of your Weyr's territory, for the purposes of maintaining good Weyr-Hold relations. (dunno need to think on more about this one lol)


[_] Impress a dragon
[_] Impress a firelizard
[_] Impress a swift
[_] Bond with a shipfish
[_] Impress the Weyrwoman (bahahaha. even more difficult!)
[_] Discover a Firelizard clutch
[_] Explore the less traveled, blocked off corridors of the Weyr
[_] Discover an old, possibly very smelly and musty record. This may or may not be readable. If you want this randomized we can randomize it for you just pm an admin.
[_] TBA

Reward: Discover ruins or artifacts left behind by the Ancients; Discover talking Shipfish


[_] Start a rumour
[x] Have a character do something 'illegal'
[_] Land a character in jail/ put on probation.
[_] Skip out on your chores
[_] Pick on something smaller or furrier than you are.
[_] Bully someone
[x] Start a fight
[_] Steal something
[_] Break up with your mate
[_] Gamble
[_] Participate in a yearly exam and fail

Reward: Coal Just kidding. (Still thinking on this one)


[_] Do a good deed/ help the needy
[_] Cheer a friend up
[_] Be the 'good example' to impress your superiors
[_] Dispel a rumour
[_] Help cover for a friend who skipped out on chores
[_] Make love, not war
[_] Make up with a break up
[_] Have a BFF and actually complete two minor plotlines with BFF.
[_] Get a promotion
[_] Save someone's life (literally)

Reward: Be recognized in game for your positive efforts and hard work with (specific) IC reward) by a Holder/ Steward/ Weyrwoman/ Weyrleader/ etc. This could be a couple extra Marks to spend at gather, an invitation to a special IC event, firelizard eggs , etc of your choosing (Admin approval required).


[_] Participate in wing training drills
[_] Start a food fight at the mess hall
[_] Take a day off
[_] Lose a flight
[_] Win a flight
[x] Lose a fight
[_] Win a fight
[x] Go to the beach
[_] Get drunk
[_] Attend a hatching
[_] Attend a gather
[_] Participate in a Gold Flight
[_] Participate in a Green flight

Rewards: Be awarded the opportunity to create a unique character that might otherwise be disallowed, such as a HAD/ HAF. OR Impress a dragon of rare colour/ size/ other distinguished genetic factor. Arrangements for specifications required with Admin to finalize; Impress multiple firelizards/ swifts/ a pod of shipfish.

(must be done by one character, other characters cannot contribute e.g. this is not account wide)

[_] Participate in three Candidate only threads
[_] Befriend another Candidate
[_] Befriend a dragon and his/her rider
[x] Have an enemy (or someone you just really really don't like)
[_] Meet a Weyrwoman (Can be from another weyr and does not have to be the Senior Weyrwoman)
[_] Attend a Weyr Event
[_] Have a meeting with the Candidate Master
[_] See a Clutch on the Sands before the Hatching
[_] Complete a Candidate chore thread
[_] Start your own Candidate thread

Reward: You may choose the color and name of the dragon your Candidate will Impress. These must follow the rules of the site as far as Impression and using the 5 original colors (yes this includes Gold). If you would like a runt or mutated color please pm and discuss with Eloaene or Caoimhe before requesting.


[x] Have a character with a sibling in play
[_] Have at least three threads completed with family members
[_] Have an official Weyrmate (only Weyr characters)
[_] Get Married (only non-Weyr characters)
[_] Have a thread with a character’s child
[_] Have a thread involving a character’s parent(s)
[_] Have a baby
[_] Lose a loved one unexpectedly (meaning old parents dying of age or people dying of an illness don’t count)
[_] Find missing relative or reconnect with a relative after a long separation
[_] Learn something about an ancestor

Reward: One of your characters may give birth to twins OR you may choose a reward related to family such as finding a family heirloom or finishing an ancestor’s life’s work

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Attica's Achievement Tracking
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