... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Sulara - Lady of Southern Boll

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PostSubject: Sulara - Lady of Southern Boll   Sulara - Lady of Southern Boll I_icon32Thu Jul 03, 2014 1:46 pm

:: OOC Information ::
How did you hear about us?:
Pernese Online Topsite Directory

:: Character Information ::

Su (sue)- lara (like Lara Croft)

A Lady of Southern Boll

Age/ Turn of Birth:
20, mid-spring (Turn 482)


Place of Birth:
Southern Boll Hold

Place of Residence:
Southern Boll Hold

Occupation/ Role::
Lady… future Lady Holder she hopes.

Character Aspirations:
She wants to be a future Lady Holder and marry very well. To be able to love and admire her husband and to give him many beautiful children. And most of all she wants her husband to be young and very handsome. The perfect gentlemen to sweep her off her feet.

-Grandfather: Lord Rosric of Southern Boll Hold, age 73 Turns
-Grandmother: Lady Vessien of Southern Boll Hold, age 67 Turns
Father: Evalos, age 42-Heir Apparent
Mother: Aleysa, age 39, Lady
Kriskoff, m (18)
Merithon, m (16)
Avelinde, f (13)

Aunt and Uncles
Karene- 43, Sr. Weyrwoman of Fort Weyr
Aledor- 39, Minor Holder
Mordrek –35, Minor Holder
Ketharien –31, Minor Holder


Karene’s children
Emerene, 17, f, Candidate
Thanekar , 15, m Candidate
Karevik, 13, m
Losakar , 10, m, Weyrbrat
Renette, 8, m, Weyrbrat
Karene, 6, f, Weyrbrat
Karendris 0, m,  baby

Aledor's children

Jasik (15)
Dario (12)

Mordrek 's children

Bevanie (14)
Genevere ( 10 )
Isolda (Cool

Ketharien's children

Alverien (9)
Illaria (Cool
Seljedd (7)
Farrada (6)
Regulo (4)
Leiska (3)

-Other Significant:
Wingleader L’rue- She had a crush on the Bronzerider a while ago, though it was never noticeably reciprocated. She accepted that and has since moved on.

Face:Bonnie Wright
Sulara - Lady of Southern Boll Th?id=HN.608015288821154018&pid=15
Hair: auburn red, straight, thick
Eyes: light blue
Height: 5’8”
Build: Lean, Delicate
Other Notable Physical Traits: Soft hands. A tiny scar on the palm of her left hand from a slip of the knife when peeling tubers as a young girl. She was helping the friendly cook's assistant.
Style of Dress: Conservative, both in style and color
Possessions usually found on persona: A simple ring.



  • Age 0 Sulara was born the eldest child to a highborn family. The Lord and Lady of Southern Boll are her parents and the life of a lady is what she was born into.
  • Age 5 She began learning how to read, write and figure her sums.
  • Age 8 Helping the cook's assistant in the kitchens to peel tubers, her knife slipped and she cut her left hand. It was not a bad wound but it did leave her with a small scar. Her very first one ever.
  • Age 12 Her training to be a lady of the house increased dramatically when she became of age to learn properly. Under the tutelage of her mother and grandmother, Sulara began to learn how to dance, embroider, entertain guests, taken inventory, and basically all there was to running the Lady's side of the Hold. It was a lot of mind-numbing work but she did well and learned properly without much fussing.
  • Age 15 She became of age to be introduced into the world of suitors. But she was held back as a favor to her until she would be 17. It was an unusual favor and one she could never have asked twice for. She was extremely grateful.
  • Age 17 When she did come to that agreed upon age, her father granted her entrance to the world of marriageable women. Her 'coming out' party was held a fortnight after her 17th name day. She was decidedly nervous but flushed with girlish anticipation too. She was too conservative to show too much excitement but her rose-touched cheeks might give her away just the same. She danced with several young and not so young men that night, the first dance belonging to her father. It was a night she would never forget.
  • Age 18 At a festive party in honor of one of her highborn acquaintances she comes across a young man she first assumes has a high telgar station but since she did not recognize him and he confessed to being of a line that was not directly born from the current line, she dropped his overly-arrogant and overly presumptuous attitude on the dance floor. Kazage was his name and she wanted absolutely nothing to do with him or his intention for her hand in marriage. It was never going to happen. Ever!
  • Age 19 At another festive get-together, Sulara was heading through the back halls on her way to the kitchens to ensure a refill of wine was presented when she came upon her father with a knife at his throat. She was not seen and had no time to call out for help when the knife was sheathed and the warning the other man spoke echoed in her burning ears. "Agree to the marriage of your daughter to my father and I might not steal everything you own...cousin."

    A few months after having heard the threat, an old man came to pay her a visit. She wondered why this old uncle would be wanting to speak with her. When it became obvious what his intentions were, she blanched but did not speak out of turn or showed disrespect. Instead those words she had heard in threat towards her father came back to mind and she knew this man with his horrible son which was 'old' in himself according to her perspective, was the same one that wanted her hand in marriage. Forcing herself to count to twenty before she made her reply, she ended up wishing him a good day and headed back inside without an answer either way. This could NOT be happening! Would her father stand for it? He certainly wasn't denying the man an audience with her. Oh no. Oh please no. She'd rather take the snake Kazage over this one. ....Wait. Kazage? Would it really have to come to that?
  • Age 20 Her father was about to grant her hand to the old man that had kept coming to see her. Why? She did not understand. She did not want this. She was getting desperate.



  • Shy/Conservative - She usually holds herself quietly and with proper decorum. She is not one for fancy babbles or outlandish styles of dress or behavior. She holds a mild spirit. ...Mostly. She is not perfect though and will have her moments.
  • Sweet - She does not have a mean bone in her body. She is kind and gentle and does not raise her voice... except on rare occassions when she feels very threatened or scared.
  • Nurturing - With younger siblings, she has taken on a motherly-type care for them. She worries over them and is concerned for their wellbeing and  care.
  • Observant - She has a keen eye and is perceptive of the world and people around her. Very little escapes her notice around the Hold.
  • Submissive - She will speak her mind when needed but she will also never cross that line of being unladylike.
  • Judgemental - Sulara has a tendency to form opinions of others a little too quickly. Slightly on the 'too quick to judge' based solely on first impressions. It might be hard to change that perception once made.

[THE FOLLOWING SECTION IS TO HELP YOU GET TO KNOW YOUR CHARACTER BETTER. This is to help develop more creativity and in depth personalities for an even more quality RP experience.]

Sulara has a tendency to form opinions of others a little too quickly. Slightly on the 'too quick to judge' based solely on first impressions. It might be hard to change that perception once made.

Mannerisms/ Habits:
When feeling uncertain, threatened or uncomfortable in a situation, especially with males, she will sometimes think 'what would her aunt do'.

She will also position herself near her father if able, to sway would be suitors from making undesired advances upon her. She knows how to use her father's station to her protection and advantage. It almost comes instinctively.

If terrified, her reaction is to defend herself by speaking more brazenly/boldly than she feels.

Skills/ Likes:
(List at least two things that your character is good at or enjoys. Leave a little insight as to why they possess such an affinity on each listing. These could be hobbies or skills from their trade, some activity they engaged in with siblings growing up, etc. Their history can sometimes help attribute to this list.)
[Skill/Like 1]:
Embroidery - She loves to embroider and is exceptionally good at it too. She just barely finished a tapestry. A present for her mother and father.

[Skill/Like 2]:
Hospitality - She is very good at showing hospitality to guests that visit the Hold. She is kind and considerate of their welfare, comfort and enjoyment if there are festivities.

Unskilled at/ Dislikes:
(Do the same for Dislikes as was instructed on Likes. Anything from a food they hate because their mother made them eat it when they were little, to a crafting skill they found out they have no talent for, to having some phobia, etc. Their history might help attribute to this list.)
[Dislike/Unskillful at 1]:
Kazage - She can't stand the man. He is arrogant, forward and way too selfish and ...and... ugh. She despises him and that is that.

[Dislike/Unskillful at 2]:
Runners - She can not ride a runner-horse to save her life. Side-saddle or not, its just never going to happen. She has no idea what to do. And frankly, being at the mercy of such a power dumb beast under her gives her second thoughts about the sanity of it all. Nooo, she'll take the carriage or walk, thank you very much.

Fighting Style/ Weapon of Choice:
Not permitted to fight. Her father would throw a fit.

:: Distinguished Persons' Information ::

Character Views on Thread:
It did exist at one time but never will again. Pern never needs to worry about that menace anymore.

Character Views on Hold/ Weyr Relationships:
Dragons are honorable creatures and the riders protect Pern even if not from thread. So, tithes are what has always been done, they should continue. It is the way it should be. Sulara backs the support of the weyr 100%.

Experience in Hold Management:
Oldest child of the hold, Sulara was trained how to run it as a Lady should. She has helped her mother on several occasions and has been entrusted to take care of minor things on her own.

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