... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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Places of Interest

Curious as to what sights your character might travel to see, or what well-known places they may have heard about? The table below provides a listing of these Places of Interest. Pern however, is also filled with much natural beauty all its own, deserving of being explored and appreciated. 

Come up with any other places of interest that you think are note worthy, to be added to this list? Let an admin know, and we'll see about getting it added.

Amber RoomTelgar River HoldThough it might be a correct assessment that most of Telgar River Hold was grande, but not overly pretentious, this room happened to be one space that TRH's Lord Holder had truly indulged in. There were windows with large bronze shutters to secure them in a time of Thread, which lined the far side of the meeting room. A single large table with enough chairs to seat 12 to 18 people was situated at the center of the room with a long golden and amber hued runner down the length of it. An ornate, gold candelabrum and crystal bowls supported by golden dragon claws, inside of which fruit was displayed, became the table's centerpieces. The floor was warmly coloured hardwood and the walls were like none seen on Pern before. It was as if nigh every surface had been painted in gold. But no, there was little actual gold respectively in the room compared to the looks of it; rather, nearly every inch of the room's walls had been faced in polished stones of Amber, carrying the warmth of the natural stone as the theme throughout the entire room. Many wall sconces were situated along these walls, where periodic displays of mirrors were used to create a fantastical array of reflective lighting, causing the entire space to glow with absolutely regal warmth. 

Only those lucky enough to staff the inside of this minor holding, or those who come by invitation, have had the privilege to view this spectacular meeting room in person.
Chorong Rebel HideoutUnknownThough rumours may spread about its existence, the true location of the Chorong's Headquarters remains a mystery to all but those who serve the rebels there. Not all rebels are aware of its exact location, though it is said that it is located deep in a forest that is so dark that sunlight does not reach the ground. It is also rumoured that all those who seek it are killed, and that all those who manage to enter its doors never leave alive.
Inamourata's MaskTelgar River Hold &
Southern Telgar Hold
Inamourata's Mask is a posh entertainment (pillowcrafting) establishment geared toward a high-class patronage, run by the veteran pillowcrafter, Inamourata herself. Now in her 50s, she has established two reputable locations, in Telgar River Hold and Southern Telgar Hold, which have become well recognized for their place in society, even if at the cost of a few jealous wives. On the outside, it is rather unspectacular, nestled in a fairly well-to-do neighborhood with streets lined by candle-lit lamps. A single lamp glows outside its street-side entrance which, when lit, means that their doors are open, but when snuffed out, they are not accepting new visitors. The interior is finely decorated, many of its rooms thrown about with many floor pillows and low tables, from its ceilings hung sultry swags of charmeuse curtains. Narrow halls run between a maze of rooms which become a place to host individuals or group parties, its unique construction of thin, sliding doors were more like sliding walls, as they could be adjusted to open rooms into large party areas or slid to a close, partitioning off more private rooms. This often creates an interesting environment for giant games of intimate hide and seek.

Considering the elite clientele that Inamourata's Mask caters to, the pillowcrafters employed there are trained in the arts -of conversation, song and dance. Brand of entertainment, food and drink, are the choice of the patron -all at a very fine price of course.

It is not unheard of that a patron would request only one woman during his visits there and offer to be her sponsor of sorts in exchange for an exotic, talented, high-class mistress.
Fight ClubSouthern Telgar HoldThe fight club is a stone structured building that is not an open-air establishment, but above the platformed arena built at the center of this two-story building, is a large sky light. The vaulted skylight is roofed like the rest of the building, but is built of windows that allow natural light to flood the interior, in order to spotlight the arena below, so to speak. 

The bottom floor of the fight club has also been used for other types of performances, and around the stage are spread tables and chairs for spectators. A kitchen in the back of the house provides food and refreshment. There are usually waiters walking the crowds with trays full of beer-filled mugs to be sold. And of course, there is a station to place bets on the matches that take place.
The top floor of the fight club is much like a VIP room. Three sides of the establishment have balcony overhead, looking down on the stage where brawlers gather to have their fun.

There is a minimal door price, but be quick to get tickets, they sell out fast. 
Dusty CroneSouthern Telgar HoldA tavern whose owner is an old Harper woman well past her prime. Of course, 'crone' tends to illicit a more haggardly image, when in fact, for an old broad, she is rather comely.  The harper woman turned entrepreneur, was in fact also a keeper of a good collection of her own books and records, and owns a side business of selling writing tools and like materials. The woman lives in the loft above the bar, keeping all of her writings and old Harper materials there. She still actively entertains the gathering of patrons that join in nightly festivities of their own kind, making merry with friends and family, but she has not made the Dusty Crone into an Inn. She does keep an extra room however, for the rare occasion someone might be in need, unable to find a place to sleep elsewhere. But generally, once the woman is ready to turn away customers for the night, doors are closed. Not having patrons at the establishment 24/7 cut down on the trouble that could stir, and also tends to draw business of locals who make it into a place of community rather than a place of strangers. She prefers things that way. And where people were comfortable around the company they shared, they tended to drink and also talk quite a lot.
Celestial RoomTelgar River HoldPerhaps even more resplendent than the Amber meeting room on the bottom level of their Hold, Lady Holder Eolyn's private boudoir is becoming a rumour around Telgar, as word spreads about this splendid room that would become the fantasy of every girl in the hold. To many, its unmatched magnificence is quickly diminished by those who are skeptical, and disbelieving.

The room is painted in midnight hues of rich lavender purple and blue. The walls of the room had been smoothed over perfectly by a mason's hand, so that none of the rough stone beneath the surface could be seen. The floors were left bare in that aspect, though a large rug in paler yellow-gold threads, had been laid to cover nearly the entire area of the room.

To opposite sides of the room, a fireplace with beautifully carved, pale gold-painted mantle piece and similarly fashioned bed were situated, with a small conversational area of chaise lounges set between them. The bed was four-posted, draped in swags of heavier satin cloth, but also in a second layer of airier, silken charmeuse in a more morning-blue. The darker, heavier cloth was now drawn back in a way that framed the bed. Decorative tassels with glittering glass beads worked into them, lined the crown of the bed's framework, as well as the decorative pillows set out upon it. The mattress and blankets, not to mention the piles of pillows there, were more than a little luxuriant. At the foot of the bed was a covered bench.

Off the walls, gold painted brass sconces were hung, and from the very center of the ceiling, a similarly sculpted chandelier. Each fixture was hung in spectacular fashion, with dangling glass crystals, much like stars, that reflected and scattered the light. The light drew attention to an artfully designed ceiling, but also to the sparkling gold leaf that had been painstakingly hammered into the fabric that covered furniture throughout the room.

From the comforters and pillows, to the curtains that covered the bed and windows, to the chaise lounges, their romantic motif of sun, moon, and evening stars had been worked into everything, to the finest detail. The fine gold metallic glittered from everywhere in the room -even very faintly from upon the paint on the walls.

No matter how glorious the rest of the room however, the ceiling alone, had been crafted to captivate onlookers in a sense of awe. At the center of the room, the chandelier had been hung from a carved molding of the sun, overlaid in warm, yellow-toned gold. Of course, Eolyn being Rihan's radiant Sun, she would stand at the center of the world there, where everything else revolved around it.

While the center of the room's ceiling was done in white outside of the magnificent sun itself, the colours gradiated to darker shades that then easily melded with the surrounding colour of the walls. So, at the room's corners, the moon, displayed in multiple phases, was more subtly placed and glowed slightly more dim, as though the moon faded into an ever watchful eye over the room.  But across the rest of that gradually more blue and midnight-hued sky-scape created for her, the constellations visible from Telgar River Hold were drawn out in an array of of mercury silver. The pureness of shimmering mercury upon the ceiling brought the stars to life there, making it apparent also, that across the ceiling, a number of precious stones had been inlaid to mark the position of various planets that were known them. It was all a truly and unbelievably splendid display.
The SettlementTelgar River HoldHoldless families who meet certain qualifications are now seeking refuge from the Chorong Rebels and the future of Threadfall by making their way to the Settlement. The Settlement is a district of Telgar River Hold where Pern's vagabonds are free to settle down and become citizens of the Hold in their own right, taking on the responsibilities and the privileges of security of hold life. Here, they form their own small community, and are expected to side with the Holds in the conflict with the Chorong Rebels. Those who come to the Settlement however, must first reside and work there for a probationary period of time, in which they must prove themselves upright citizens. They are of course free to leave at any time, should they desire to take back to the open roads.

A former Exile is now the Steward over the Settlement, working closely with Telgar River Hold's First Steward Drien, to organize efforts there, and to make sure that all construction is completed before Thread's return. The holdless seem glad to know that, with a fellow holdless man as their Steward, they will have some greater say in their own future. And of course, playing a part in the building of their new home, they now hold a great stake in making the Settlement a successful place to live and work.

The Settlement itself, has become an extension of the outer walls and ongoings of Telgar River Hold. The Westernmost gate, actually facing South West, which used to lead outside the Hold's walls, now leads into this new and somewhat independent district. There are two main roads that lead through it, though many others now create cross-sections of land which have been developed into a small, weekend gather square and areas for proper crafters' workshops and lofts above for living space. Intermittent, are other locations such as public baths, a localized infirmary, and somewhat larger estates for officials to live and office out of. There has also been added a dragon's landing pad near the centralized gather square.
Trade ships
Dragon's Venture &
Draton's Reach
Between the remote
Headquarters of the
Dragon's Venture.
The design of these two trade ships is unique to the Dragon's Venture trade group, and quite spectacular to behold when floating into harbour under heavy fog, with giant, statuesque, dragon-like bows, appearing to have smoke spewing from open maws. Their design is certainly unmistakable.

Similar to the Terran near-modern era Korean Turtle Ship, the trade vessels employed by the Dragon's Venture feature three decks which are all enclosed. The Mid deck of the Dragon's Venture and Dragon's Reach is loaded with trade goods, including Runners. Stairs and ladders at multiple locations along the mid-deck, lead down to a lower deck where crew and passengers stay. The upper deck is only half the size of the mid and lower decks, but is only used for private use by the Dragon's Venture leadership and ship Captains.

Maintaining peaceful appearances, the Dragon's Venture and Dragon's Reach are equipped with no armaments. However, in order to protect themselves from smugglers while at sea, the vessels' curved roof tops are covered in thin metal plates, each plate protruding a metallic spike. With a moderately domed rooftop covered in protrusions and no outer deck to board, the trade ships would prove virtually impossible to invade while at sea. The ship is also capable of turning on its own radius, making it highly maneuverable in comparison to many other vessels.

The interior of the trade ships had a walk way designed around the outer perimeter of the ship on the mid-level deck, which also left room for twenty oars (10 each side), and a room enclosed for food supplies and cooking toward the bow. Smoke from the cooking pit is released through the ventilation of the dragon's maw sculpted at the front of the ship. This causes the appearance that the Dragon's ship is about to breathe fire.
Dragon's Venture Headquarters
Select portside holds
of Keroon, Telgar,
Fort & Igen.
Each headquarters and remote headquarters belonging to the Dragon's Venture is built similarly in floorplan layout, with living chambers for those employed by them, a sizable kitchen and dining hall, a private dining and meeting area for, and two large store-houses. One for daily living necessities for those living under their roof, and one for the goods they are preparing to export. Periodically, they will also store goods in other remote warehouse locations which they either own or lease from business partners if there is much time between their acquisition of the goods and when they will be loaded onto one of their ships for transport. The interior of each headquarters is well furnished, the meeting rooms and private bed chambers for their directors opulently so. Around the perimeter of each headquarters is a 10 foot privacy wall. It's gates are always manned with guards.
Wild GreenFort Sea Hold[To be updated]
ShipyardsFort Sea HoldThere are many ports of call across Pern's Northern Continent, but the shipyards and harbour of Fort Sea Hold are amoungst the most spectacular -if not just because of sheer size and grandeur. Perhaps hundreds of ships move in and out of her harbours every day. Foreigners and strange or fine treasures being brought in from every territory, headed to Fort Hold or Weyr, Ruatha or even Crom, are a common sight here. The dress of people is widely varied, depending on where they come from, and a wide range of accents and even a few peculiar dialects can be heard spoken on the streets and in the taverns here. Of course, it's also a place where privateers and smugglers and trade ships make their frequent routes, either trailing or avoiding one another as according to their business. This is also one of the most likely places to run across the troublesome Captain Thatch and the crew of the infamous Red Star's Revenge.
Red Star's RevengeBig Bay"... a large, multi-decked sailing ship....A lowering of the forecastle and elongation of the hull gave galleons an unprecedented level of stability in the water, and reduced wind resistance at the front, leading to a faster, more maneuverable vessel. The galleon differed from the older types primarily by being longer, lower and narrower, with a square tuck stern instead of a round tuck, and by having a snout or head projecting forward from the bows below the level of the forecastle.The galleon was powered entirely by wind, using sails carried on three or four masts, with a lateen sail continuing to be used on the last (usually third and fourth) masts"

The Red Star's Revenge, much like a Terran Spanish Galleon, roving the waters of Big Bay. Captain Thatch who commands it, is now a smuggler, making he and his crew a living by thieving and then trading or selling goods. They are well known in the area of Fort, having become somewhat a legend in their own right. Previously, they worked as Privateers, protecting Fort's waters from men like they themselves have now become.
Courtier's CornerFort WeyrThis small space now made for crafting activities is generally occupied by a small few number of riders or other weyrfolk who are young and hopeful, if not ambitious, about their Weaving creations, which they take time to work on outside of their regular schedules. 
The club room they'd managed to garner perusal of per the kindly understanding Headwoman a few turns back, was relatively small for their needs, but the six of them had made it work. The walls were lined nearly to the ceiling on every side with tables and storage crates, bolts of fabric piled high, rolls of ribbon, baskets of every colour of thread imaginable. There were baskets also of beads and buttons, hook and eye closures, grommets and steel boning, innumerable needles and then... there were the clothing racks. Some of the dresses that hung there had been finished, awaiting pickup or delivery, but others were still incomplete for whatever reason. For how closely packed into the room everything seemed to be, it should have been easy to get lost within it. Especially amoungst the hanging clothes. Many of the dresses looked like, in their awkward and unfinished state, they might swallow a person whole.

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