... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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PostSubject: :: CHOOSE YOUR REWARD ::   :: CHOOSE YOUR REWARD :: I_icon32Sun Aug 17, 2014 12:52 pm

If your character did not start out with these items on creation, these may be earned. Feel free to make requests for other things that are not listed. Acquiring 'Big Ticket' items such as these for a character at a gather or otherwise, will be determined by your completing RP Achievements or winning a roll for the item in the Dragonrider's Delight Parlor. (Subject to change. Will be adding to this list in the near future)

Miscellaneous ::Gold or Bronze Firelizard [limit 2 golds per player account]
::Brown, Blue or Green Firelizard [or Random. Surprise me!]
::Find a Rusted Dolphin Bell. You don’t know what it’s for, but you’ll clean it up and find out!
::Pouch of Marks (Random roll will determine how many your character finds! May win between 1-10)
::Rare Vintage Benden Wine
::Discover a Telescope or other Ancient’s treatures from deep within the forgotten corridors and rooms of the Holds or Weyrs
::Expensive Perfume
::Give birth to twins
::Impress from the Stands
Clothing::New Riding Leathers. Worth at least 6-7 Marks, these are a Master or Sr. Journeyman’s fine craftsmanship, and cost a pretty Mark, but you happened to negotiate a really great deal on them!
::New Gather-Fine Dress (5-7 Marks)
::New Gather-Fine Suit (5-7 Marks)
::New boned Corset (3-5 Marks)
::New Skirts and blouse (3-7 Marks)
::New Night Robe/ Underpinnings (3-5 Marks)
::Beautiful, sparkling Earrings (3-7 Marks)
::Beautiful, sparkling Bracelet (3-7 Marks)
::Beautiful, sparkling Necklace (3-7 Marks)
::Beautiful, sparkling Hair Pins (1-3 Marks)
::New pair of Leather Boots (2-5 Marks)
::New pair of soft suede shoes (2-5 Marks)
::Enough Glass Beads for Jewelry (⅛ mark)
::Mirror (1-15 marks depending on size)
::New Leggings or Pants (2+ marks)
::New Brass Hair Comb (1+ marks)
::Custom-Made clothing items with personalized touch (typically 5-15 Marks)
Pets::Metallic Firelizard
::Two non Metallic Firelizards
::Firelizard (Surprise me!)
::Shipfish bond
::Swift bond??
Toys::Doll (1/8 mark)
::Wood sword (1/4-1 mark)
::Toy wagon train set (1 Mark)
::New Ball (1/8 mark)
::Board Game (1/2 Mark)
Tools of the Trade::New Runner saddle/ tack (5-10 Marks)
::New Dragon saddle/ tack/ harness (10-15 Marks)
::New Hunting Gear/ Bow/ etc (1-4 Marks)
::New Instrument. Well, new to you maybe, but this one is finely aged and cared for, making it perfect! (1-15 marks)
::New Knife/ Sword/ Blade/ other Weapon (1-15 Marks; as always, depending on size and craftsmanship)
::New tools for your Craft/ Trade (1-4 Marks)
::Wagon/ Cart/ Carriage/ Small Boat (6-15 Marks)
::Basic Iron Lock with Key (1 to 4 marks depending on size and intricacy)
::Spare Keys (1/32 to 1/4 mark depending on key size and intricacy)
LivestockYou’ll pay at least 8-9 full marks for any one of these, but if you’re looking for a Runner of rare or sought-after breed, you’ll pay more than that. But it might be worth the luxury.
Furniture::Clothing Armoire
::Bed set
::Beautifully painted Partition/ Folding Screen for privacy
::New curtain panels (for bed, windows, doors)
Kitchen Items::1 Large Sack of Cromcoal - (3/4+ mark)
::Brass or Copper Spoons (1/2 marks each)
::Pewter Mugs (1-2 marks depending on size)
::Pewter Plates (1+ marks depending on craftsmanship and size)
::Ceramic Soup Bowl (1+ marks depending on craftsmanship and size)
::Ceramic Drinking Cup (1/2+ marks depending on craftsmanship)

::Ceramic Plate (1+ marks depending on craftsmanship and size)
::Ceramic Plate (1+ marks depending on craftsmanship and size)
::Ceramic Pitcher/ Vase (2+ marks)
::Ceramic room-heater/ individual stove top for kettle. (5+ marks)
::Drinking Glass (3/4 mark)
::Glass Bowl (1+ marks)
::Glass Pitcher (2+ marks)
::Glass Plate (1+ marks)
::Crystal Drinking Glasses (3+ marks)
::Crystal Bowl (3+ marks)
::Cast Iron Warming Stand (for kettles and pots) - 1 3/4 marks
::Copper Kettle (1 mark)
::Cast Iron Pans (1+ mark)
::Cast Iron Pots (1+ mark depending on volume)
::Wooden Spoons or Ladles (1/8 mark)

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PostSubject: Re: :: CHOOSE YOUR REWARD ::   :: CHOOSE YOUR REWARD :: I_icon32Sat Jan 10, 2015 11:32 am

updated Wink for now >D

:: CHOOSE YOUR REWARD :: Mysignature002_zps7d9c52d2
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