... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Belisse -Junior Goldrider

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PostSubject: Belisse -Junior Goldrider   Belisse -Junior Goldrider I_icon32Mon Oct 29, 2012 11:13 pm

OOC Info:
Moniker: Trouble/Mel
How did you find out about us?: JQ and Jess

Character Info:
Name: Belisse

Pronunciation: Bah-lease

Title: Junior Goldrider


Age & Turn of Birth: 21 Turns / 12.02.479

Gender: Female

Place of Birth: Aberish Hold

Current Place of Residence: Fort Weyr

Craft: None

Rank/Occupation/Role Desired: Recently graduated goldrider

Character Aspirations: She struggles in Karene’s shadow, wanting to show what she can really do but believing herself not as strong as the Weyrwoman. Now that she’s graduated she’s determined to show the Weyrwoman that she is worthy of the queen who chose her. Belisse has always felt that people were... disappointed when Jeneveth chose her. Her small stature and physical limitations didn’t make her an ideal queenrider, and all the training over the last two Turns couldn't make up for her size.

Perhaps against her best judgement, she expects to become good friends with Karene now that she has graduated. As the only two goldriders in the Weyr, they should be dear friends, right? She’s also overjoyed that now, as a fully graduated rider, she is allowed to take a lover. She never lost the flame she had for Sh’nar, the bronzerider from the first clutch she stood at, and now that he no longer has a greenrider lover she plans to take the woman’s place.

She looks forward to Jeneveth’s first flight, which she trusts Cymrioth will win. She hopes that he wins all of her flights, and that Sh’nar and her will become weyrmates and have a gaggle of children in the creche.

OOC Character Development Goals: With more time spent with Karene, she’ll learn to be more assertive and less sensitive. The older goldrider has all the qualities that she needs to acquire, and she might be able to find a break in Karene’s shields and become a friend to her. Karene will be her role model for many Turns, and she’ll learn more leadership skills this way.

As for her relationship with Sh’nar, who knows what will happen. Ideally for Belisse she’ll make him see that some things, like love, are more important than power. At the worst it will take her far too long to realize how manipulative he is, and will likely need help from friends to get away from the bronzerider.

Overall I want her to grow into a more capable leader, and lose her naivety. She’ll always believe the best of people and be cheerful, but she will eventually learn to guard herself initially instead of letting people in completely.

Father: Timmien - Holder at Aberish Hold - 56 Turns
Mother: Lorilla - Holder at Aberish Hold - 45 Turns
Siblings: Darfar (27), Chonis (25) ; Grette (20) ; Himmal (15 Turns) ; Jorrissila (13) ; Brennar (10) ; Yuko (6) ; Asha (2)
Children: Shyla, foster daughter [1]
Other Significant: Sh'nar, bronzerider at Fort, object of her affections ; I'ver, rider of blue Kiloreth at Fort Weyr, Searched her

Face: Emile De Ravin
Belisse -Junior Goldrider BelisseBanner
Hair: Mid back length auburn hair that curls naturally, especially if she takes the time to tend to it before her day. She usually just pulls it back in a bun, though, unless she has a special reason to look beautiful.
Eyes: Bright blue, and always sparkling with joy
Height: 5'1"
Build: A slight thing that looks like a harsh wind would blow her over. The physical aspects of her training were incredibly difficult on her, but she never gave up for a moment.
Other Notable Physical Traits: Freckles across her nose, which wrinkles in a cute way when she grins.
Style of Dress: She is the type of person who will save her marks for months to purchase one beautifully made gown. She values quality over quantity. She keeps her riding leathers impeccably clean, and has a choice of beautiful every day dresses. Her Event gowns are always perfect, suited for the environment and the occasion. As dressing herself well was one of the things taught to her while growing up, it’s no surprise that she has such discerning tastes.
Possessions usually found on persona:

    ✣ A palm sized piece of Jeneveth’s shell, which she went back to get as soon as things had died down at the Hatching Feast✣ A very pretty bracelet of red stones that her father bought her when she was young✣ A very fine cloak, a gift from a prospective suitor when she was young. It's beautifully embroidered with a flower pattern.✣ Her baby blanket, which her mother knitted herself while expecting her. She keeps it in her trunk and occasionally pulls it out when she feels homesick.

History: Belisse is one of the younger daughters in an entire fleet of children that Lorilla, a simple Holder's wife, bred up for her husband at Aberish Hold. Aberish is a small Hold, but fiercely independent and staunchly behind their Lord at Fort.

She lived an idyllic, childish life for much longer than many girls would have. Her father had made a marriage contract for her before her fourth Turn, when it became obvious she would a beautiful young woman, and her mother taught her the skills needed to run a small Hold. With her logical mind she had no problem absorbing the information, and then was back out in the wildness around the Hold. She was never happier than when she was up in a tree, despite the dresses she always wore.

Most would call her life easy, and they wouldn't be wrong. Days resting on the beach, trees climbed, many siblings to play with... the perfect childhood. She was taught the basics that a lady needed to know: counting stores, how to plan out what the drudges and cooks would do for the sevenday, as well as more whimsical things such as flower arrangement and singing. Nothing held her attention for long though... she would master one thing to her level of satisfaction and move onto the next, never to touch the original project again.

It wasn't long after her 16th birthingday that a blue dragon from Fort Weyr came to Aberish. No fear as usual, she walked straight up to the dragon and introduced herself to him. Kiloreth fell in love and Searched her immediately. There was wailing and crying from her family, of course, but the honor of having a dragonrider in their family was enough for them to send her packing to the Weyr. Belisse had made up her mind the moment Kiloreth had looked at her, of course. It was just fortunate that her family came around on their own, otherwise she would have had to use The Eyes on them.

Life at the Weyr was difficult for her, a pampered girl whose entire life had revolved around staying thin and beautiful for her future husband. She had always thought of herself as a tough girl, but when faced with the women of the Weyr she found herself pitifully lacking. She knuckled down, though, putting all of herself into the training. Even though she fell down often, she always picked herself back up and kept going. She distinguished herself in this regard, working herself to the point of bloody hands and even passing out.

She was also, for the first time, allowed to meet and spend time with men other than her brothers and father. She immediately fell for her fellow candidate, Shalanar, a Harper who made her heart skip a beat. He could be mean, but it only added to his allure. She knew nothing of wooing, though, and his attention was focused so entirely on Impressing that he barely noticed her. That he Impressed the only bronze of the clutch, while she was left Standing, didn't help. There were tears, but she eventually moved on from Sh'nar, realizing that sometimes things just aren't meant to be.

Her family was more than happy to bring Belisse home with them after that first hatching, but she refused and decided to stay on at the Weyr. Hatchings were becoming more frequent, and now that she had started down this path she was determined to see it through. Occasionally the Weyrlingmaster tried to flush her out, worrying that the life of a dragonrider would be too rough for her, but each time she dug down and found the determination to push herself past her limits.

That determination paid off, when she Impressed the new queen. Jeneveth was everything and more that Belisse had dreamed of, and more than worth the hard work she had put in as a candidate. As a weyrling even more was expected out of her, and she was shifted into a leadership position early on to prepare her for after her graduation. She was shaky at first but with Jeneveth’s strong presence behind she found her footing amongst her peers. She was surprised to find how much of her training from her mother could be applied to a Weyr as well as a Hold.

Graduation is fast approaching, and with it’s coming Belisse is getting nervous. She’ll be thrust into a position of being in charge of people older than her, people with more experience. Not to mention the thought of working closely with Weyrwoman Karene is terrifying.

    ✣ 12.02.479 - Born✣ 10.30.496 - Searched to Fort Weyr✣ Late .496 - Stands for the first time, crush Sh'nar Impresses, while she does not✣ Late .498 - Stands for what she decided will be her last clutch, Impresses gold Jeneveth✣ 02.15.499 - Parents send her a firelizard egg as a gift, it hatches a blue that she names Treasure✣ Late .500 - Graduates from weyrling training

Personality:  Belisse is a very cheerful young woman, and that cheer is infectious. Even people who don't know her name find themselves smiling around. She lights up the room when she enters, with her natural charm and relatable personality.  Her heart is big enough for the entire Weyr. She will wear herself to nothing working, attending to everything thrown at her until she's asleep on her feet.

Her naivety has gotten her into trouble more than once... she trusts easily and quickly, and is hurt and confused when that is taken for granted. Despite that she'll never take her temper out on a person. There may be tears, but no shouting. As she's gotten older she's grown more of a spine, and working with as the leader of her class has taught her more about leadership than she’d ever have imagined.

Karene brings out all the insecurities she has in herself, because she sees a woman that she must emulate but is incapable of doing so. No matter how hard she tries she'll never be the same type of goldrider Karene is, something she'll have to come to terms with. But for now, when around the Weyrwoman, she becomes clumsy and tongue tied. In fact, she reacts the same way towards all those that are older than her that she now out ranks.

There is a small spot in the back of her mind that is always afraid that Jeneveth made a mistake by picking her, but it's something she's kept buried so deep that she barely even knows it's there. Part of why she pushes so hard, tries so hard, in everything is because of that little thought. It pushes her to be a better person, a better leader, and a better rider every day.

Shortcomings: Her ability to overlook peoples' shortcomings is never more evident when it comes to Sh'nar, who she sees as the perfect man. She believes the best out of everyone,and can be shockingly surprised when she's proven wrong. That naivety makes her an easy target for anyone wanting to use her.

Her small size makes certain things difficult: handling firestone bags, large pots, flamethrowers... she's spent her entire time at the Weyr developing her upper body strength but it still needs work. She'll have to continue working with the Weyrlingmaster staff on that aspect. For now that makes her easy pickings for someone trying to overpower her.

The Weyrlingmaster staff did an amazing job teaching her, and they brought her up to be a leader. But she is uncertain of herself when surrounded by the Weyrleaders and Wingleaders, and withdraws in meetings. She tends to agree with whatever Karene says, and not offer any opinions of her own.

Mannerisms or Habits: She twirls her hair around her finger whenever she has a stolen moment, a childhood habit that still comforts her. She's also a naturally motherly person, the type that immediately picks up a crying child and soothes it, or intercedes in a fight and breaks it up.


    ✣[Children:] She loves children, and gets along with them amazingly well. She was raised to be a mother to an entire brood, and it comes naturally to her. She dreams of having her own child one day, and hopes that it will happen soon.✣[Beaches]: Her family's hold was within walking distance of the beach, and she would spend a few hours every day sitting there watching the waves. She misses them greatly, being at Fort Weyr.✣[Clothing]: She saves her marks until she can afford to purchase the nicest things she can. Her wardrobe is small but impressive.✣[Sh'nar]: Despite all evidence to the contrary she believes he's a sweet, wonderful man inside and will likely spend her life throwing herself at his feet unless something changes✣[Beauty]: Not physical beauty, but she can find beauty in everything, from the first smile in a child to every sunset she's ever seen. Her joy for it is infectious.


    ✣[Messiness]: She's a very clean person and makes sure that whatever area she is in charge of is very clean.✣[Negativity]: She is positive in every single aspect, and won't stop until everyone is as up and excited as she is.✣[Power]: PIt scares her more than a little. Especially now that she wields so much as a goldrider. She fears misusing her newly found clout, and follows Karene closely so as not to make a mistake in this area.

Fighting Style/Weapon of Choice: Slapping, girly fights? Her style of fighting is to throw two money pouches, filled with small marks, in opposite directions and then run to Jeneveth. Being so small, there is only so strong she can become, and the Weyrlingmaster staff is still working with her on developing her offensive and defensive capabilities.

Dragon Information:
Dragon Name: Jeneveth

Year of Impression Late .498

Clutch Name:

Weyr of Hatching: Fort Weyr

Colouring: A beautiful, rose gold color. The slight pink tint is most noticeable in direct sunlight, and will brighten when she is ready to rise.

Length: 42 meters long
Height: 39 meters tall

Other Physical Characteristics: A very sleek, long dragon, she is much longer than she is tall. Her wingspan is impressive, and the rose golden color deepens the closer to her body you get. Her underside is a lighter shade of gold, almost milky, deepening into the rose gold as you continue up her side.

Personality: Jeneveth is a lady to the tiniest tip of her smallest talon, and she never lets anyone forget it. From the day she hatched she's had the bronzes at her beck and call, from weyrlings to full grown dragons. The queen dragon's ability to will other dragons to do what she wanted was something that emerged early on in her, and had to be inhibited by the older golds of the Weyr. She's slowly learning control in that matter, and having the inhibitions lifted.

Where her rider is very trusting, Jeneveth is extremely possessive of Belisse and wary of anyone wanting to be around her. She also over estimates how helpless her rider is, and will crowd in as close as she can to be near her. Though it's never happened so far, it wouldn't be a surprise for her to physically attack someone who threatened Belisse.

Other dragons, she enjoys the company of. They are trustworthy, though she knows that some of their riders can be less so. She enjoys the company of all colors of dragons, though she of course is partial to the attention of the bronzes. She's a horrible flirt, and only gets worse when she's close to rising. Even when not in mating season she finds a friend to curl up with: this queen never sleeps alone.

Voice: A lighter version of her rider's pleasant contralto.

Fire Lizard Information:
Name: Treasure

Turn of Impression 499

Colouring: Blue

Other Physical Characteristics: Tiny and a little bit round, Treasure is a beautiful blue-green color that just shimmers in the sunlight.

General Personality: Extremely laid back, and loves children as much as his owner. He will happily let the creche children pet and fawn over him, and has never once snapped or even gotten annoyed at the little hands.

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PostSubject: Re: Belisse -Junior Goldrider   Belisse -Junior Goldrider I_icon32Fri Nov 02, 2012 5:48 pm

Belissima! (very beautiful)

Love the aspirations and plans for her. I like characters that have some growing to do (one way or another.)

Appearance is a-okay. I'm not the best at writing appearances but she looks good to me. Smile


There is one main contradiction I think needs to be addressed here. When she is an adult she isn’t someone who has a lot of physical strength but as a child she is climbing trees? Why is she so strong as a child and not as an adult? Granted all kids try to climb trees at some point (that is if they play outside enough) but since you say she was always up a tree it makes me think she might have been very good at climbing which requires logic (which she does have as an adult), flexibility (She's a clumsy adult) and strength (You say she's got no real physical strength).

“she was gifted at everything she tried her hand at” What sorts of things was she gifted at and I don’t believe for one second she was gifted at everything (unless she is Mary Poppins and then I might believe it. Though it could be the spoonful of sugar making me delusional).

The rest looks good to me.

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Approved. Wink

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Belisse -Junior Goldrider
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