... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Hurricane at Ista! [Event updates!]

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Hurricane at Ista! [Event updates!] Empty
PostSubject: Hurricane at Ista! [Event updates!]   Hurricane at Ista! [Event updates!] I_icon32Sat Oct 04, 2014 6:32 pm

There had been a great deal of rainy weather come late spring and start of the summer, and the coastal regions had been under threat of at least two minor typhoons already.The seriousness of them had become increasingly more severe, the last storm having made landfall just east of Fort Sea Hold. They barely escaped the deluge that had flooded other coastal regions. They had been some of the worst floods that anyone in living memory could recall.

After a while, rumour began to spread as it was heard that similarly severe storms were being experienced in other coastal regions as well, that the increasing severity of the storms was all caused by the nearing of the pernicious Red Star. And though the people had been fortunate not to have lost more lives to the storms thus far in the storm season, some seemed to think that they had seen the worst of it. But then, the big one hit.

Another storm surged across the sea of Big Bay, though it did not head directly for land. Instead, arcing in its path along the coast to take a more easterly course, the holds there would experience still more rain, but would not experience the detriment yet to come. The storm had gained increasingly in strength and was raging by the time it had reached the islands of Ista.

When rain had begun to fall there, the people of Ista could not anticipate what was to come. The season had already been filled with torrential rains, but had yet to produce a truly dangerous storm as far east as their location. They were used to seeing storms come in from the sea, and even those who were wary and knew the signs, discounted that such a monster of a storm was headed straight for them.

Massive in its size, the storm covered the entire island, drawing water up from the sea and pouring such masses of rain down on them from the skies that there was nothing they could do to escape it. The Holds, the Weyr, all fell victim to the devastation.

The storm lasted for many hours, by the time the Island of Ista was in the clear, a great panic and mourning could be hear across the island. Much of Ista's Weyr had been decimated, leaving behind only two thirds of the dragon population that they'd once possessed. Holds too, suffered great losses as the entire island was subject to severe flooding and wind speeds that they were unable to escape.

Though they were in a state of disaster themselves, Ista Weyr dispatched riders to check on the various holds across the island and eventually sent a rider to each of the neighboring territories to request aid. It could very well take many days to locate all those who'd gone missing, and perhaps months to repair all the damages that had been done.

[I will be starting up a couple of threads at Fort Weyr soon to pull characters into action, here.]
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Hurricane at Ista! [Event updates!]
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