... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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It has been just over 400 turns since the end of the 8th Pass. Just over 400 turns since the Upheaval, when the the established colour-ranks of all the dragon-kin shifted into something completely new. Fighting Greens became Jade Queens, Blues became the massive high ranked Azurites, while the golds and bronzes became the low ranked Pyrites. Only the steady mid ranked browns remained the same. New colour-ranks too made their appearance. The face of the Weyrs and the dragonriders were changed forever.

Over the course of the interval, dragon numbers have grown smaller, until only three weyrs remained. The eastern most weyr of Benden, the western most weyr of High Reaches and the central weyr of Telgar, hidden high in the northern mountains.

Within these remaining weyrs the dragon's numbers dwindled, until there was barely a handful of clutching dragons left between them. Telgar, which boasted three Jade queens and a pair of female Opals, was the most blessed of the trio. But in recent months the rider of the senior Jade had fallen ill. It seemed to some as though the heavier the queen got with the clutch of her most recent flight, the paler and sicker her rider became. Until the day came when Sriana slipped quietly into sleep and did not wake. Only the clutch upon the sands kept the Jade queen from following her rider into the oblivion of between.

Now the hatching day comes close and Telgar watches anxiously to see what will become of this final clutch of their eldest queen and the green tinted egg which she lay. Their eyes too are focused on the two young queen riders who remain. Which of them will rise first and prove themselves the next Weyrwoman? And are either of them ready for the role?

Additionally, there have been reports of something strange stirring in Benden Weyr, though no-one knows what, as the eastern most Weyr has been cut off from the rest of Pern for nearly a turn now.

We boast the following:

  • A completely reversed colour-rank system.
  • Several new colours of dragonkin
  • Pet Dragonets - The creature from which firelizards were created
  • Friendly and enthusiastic players and staff
  • An upcoming plot to introduce a brand new creature to Pern
  • Open spaces for the creation Queen riders, Wingleaders, Riders of high ranked males and females and the position of Weyrleader and Wherleader
  • Every character has the chance to be as important (or unimportant) as you wish them to be.

Current Events:

  • Jade Kivineth guards her final clutch, which is due to hatch soon. Fifteen ordinary seeming eggs and one queen await their future riders.
  • Candidates are needed for Kivineth's clutch and for the upcoming plot.
  • Gold Grace has lain 15 eggs, sired by Bronze Oberon. This rare clutch of guaranteed dragonets will be handed out to the public soon.
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Telgar: Reverse
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