... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Between Us (Closed)

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Ariadne spent the rest of the day in the infirmary, keeping herself busy. Every so often she would hum a pleasant tune she heard at the wedding feast. As the day worn on, she found it difficult not to think about Toshiro. She had to wait three days to have that talk with him though. Hopefully that would give her time to think about what she was going to say and how to say it. She would put her feelings out there and hope that he would do the same.

Before she left, Lyria asked if they could walk home together. It was something they did often since Lyria moved in with some other young women around the corner from where Ariadne lived. The two of them generally got along well so most people thought nothign of the request, least of all Ariadne who found Lyria to be like another sister to her.

Lyria finished writing in a record and then put the record and ink away. Setting a broken wrist had taken up her entire morning so that she ended up behind on her other duties which was why she had to send Ariadne to look in on her favorite patient.

"So how was Toshiro?" Lyria asked eagerly. "Did he take his shirt off? Aren't his abs gorgeous? She practically sighed out the last question.

Fighting back a blush, Ariadne laughed, "Oh you know how much he likes the attention. Yes, his shirt was off and of course he does, he is in the guard. Guardsmen are fit." She tried to play it off like it wasn't that big of a deal although the thought of him without his shirt on made her feel a pang of desire.

"The wound looked good to me. He said that he has been taking recovery slowly, building up muscle and flexibility."

Lyria, threaded her arm into Ariadne's and gave her friend a big smile, "He has been a very good patient. So kind and handsome. Once he is recovered a bit more, we're going to do so much together." She added excitedly. As if the two of them were making plans.

Ariadne didn't think her face paled too noticeably but she felt that joy which had buoyed her throughout the day dissipate. "You and Toshiro?" She asked, not allowing her emotions to enter her voice, trying to keep the conversation light.

"Of course. We've been bonding over his injury. I just know we're going to have wonderful times together..."

Maybe if Ariadne hadn't been so hung up on the idea she might have realized that Lyria sounded like a teenager crushing on someone more so than a woman who was really going out with a man. And perhaps she should have trusted her intitial instinct to brush the idea aside. That is not what happened though and she began to rethink what had happened earlier.

Toshiro had told her to let him go...did he mean let him go so he was free to pursue Lyria? He had avoided saying anything about the healer. Maybe to hide his feelings about her? Maybe he wanted to have a real talk with Ariadne so that he could tell her about Lyria.

As Lyria trailed on about Toshiro, Ariadne tuned her out, forcing a smile. When they got to where the two parted ways, she realized she hadn't really been breathing. Taking in a deep breath she kept herself from breaking down right there and then. He was a man, he was allowed to feel where he felt. Lyria wasn't emotionally damaged and hadn't compared him to her dead husband and hadn't told him what to do.

She was beginning to feel a fool and now was dreading the talk with Toshiro. Three days of misery. It would be better just to hear it from him now rather than to wait and have him tell her news she already heard. He should have known Lyria would mention it. Being that the other woman was close to Ari and so quick to talk to people.

Ariadne found herself hating him in that moment. He had toyed with her emotions albeit she believed unintentionally. That did not mean she forgave him. When she got close to her house, she let a few tears fall from her eyes before wiping them away, getting herself under control completely, she walked into her house a smile plastered on her face though not reflected in her posture or her eyes. She smiled for her daughter because the only person in the world who loved her unconditionally was now in her arms.

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