... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Wingsecond N'var- Bronze Dragon Rielth

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PostSubject: Wingsecond N'var- Bronze Dragon Rielth    Wingsecond N'var- Bronze Dragon Rielth  I_icon32Wed Apr 17, 2013 8:33 pm

OOC Info:
Moniker: Vivid
How did you find out about us?: Via Jess

Character Info:
Name: Navarik aka "N'var"

Pronunciation: (Na-var-ick)

Wingsecond N'var- Bronze Dragon Rielth  7d01260b-47fc-421a-bac4-536fadff42f2_zps0c2c35b8

Title: Wingsecond

Honourific: N'var

Age & Turn of Birth: 30 10.25.471
Gender: Male

Place of Birth: Fort Weyr

Current Place of Residence: Fort Weyr

Craft: None

Rank/Occupation/Role Desired: Wingsecond

Character Aspirations: N'var is working hard to promote himself to Wingleader, knowing that if given the chance, he is ambitious and competent enough to merit the position. One day, he would like to be Weyrleader but it is more important that his bronze just catch queens, let them be juniors or seniors. With his dragon's blood line secured, he will be very content whether or not he ever becomes Weyrleader of Fort.

OOC Character Development Goals: The Weyrleadership is not as important to my character as just catching a queen and insuring his blood line is secure. If N'var did become Weyrleader, I am sure he wouldn't disappoint and it could go a long way to tempering him in a finished man. I would like to see N'var eventually Weyrmate. She doesn't have to be a dragonrider but it would complete the romance his N'vars dragon also had a female in his life, constant if not exclusive.


Father: V'ric- Born Y.446/Wingleader to Bronze Javcalth/ Fort Weyr

Mother: Nalano- Born Y.446 /Wingrider to Green Fipsith/Fort Weyr


Full-Sister: Navlari- Born Y. 472/ Creche Worker/ Fort Weyr
Full-Brother: N’rano- Born Y. 473/ Wingrider to Blue Kirnforth- 18-Fort Weyr

Half-Sister: Nabilsa- Born Y. 474 Wingrider to Green Manivath-16- Fort Weyr

Half Brother: K'var- Born Y. 476/ Wingrider to Brown Metzarth/ Fort Weyr

Children: None, yet.
Other Significant:K’prin- Born Y. 471/ Wingrider to Bronze Pohanth- Fort Weyr- Friend
J’caz- Born Y. 471/ Wingrider to Brown Canbuth- Fort Weyr-Friend
Kinsala- Born Y. 471/ Creche Worker/ Fort Weyr (Former Love)
Urico- Born Y. 465/ Searchrider to Green Qualcath- Fort Weyr (1st Serious Relationship/ Part Time Lover/Friend)
Landis-Born Y. 469/ Guard/ Fort Hold (Enemy )
Lalkan- Born Y. 470/ Guard/-Fort Hold (Enemy)


N'var knows he is rather good looking, with dark blond hair and beryl green eyes. His tall, muscular frame in the result of much fuss and hard work on his part; he never wanted his injury to slow him. He still walks with a limb and a deep scar runs over the place were his knee cap was fractured. N'var stand six foot two and weights just over two hundred pounds. He might walk a little funny but this man is explosively strong and while running is hard on him, he can cover short distances well enough.

Face:Alexander Skarsgard
Wingsecond N'var- Bronze Dragon Rielth  6ac5a8c8-5578-42e1-91c8-52d04c907e07_zps1191206b
Hair:: Short head of dark blond hair that comes down to his shoulders. Starts off a medium and then dark blond with bits of brown and darkens to a deep gold in places.
Eyes:A beryl green with a blue undertone.
Height: 6'2
Build: Muscular and tall, long in the leg and arm.
Other Notable Physical Traits: He limps on one side and has a wicked looking scar above his left knee cap.
Style of Dress: Dragonrider's typical garb, with finer garments on special occasions. . N'var favors garments of dark red and black, long sleeve shirts that button at the wrist and long, leather pants that always have a belt with them. He also has a black leather long coat.A rough nugget pendent of green amber on a black leather strap hangs from his neck.

Possessions usually found on persona: Gloves, knife, belt, agate necklace.


Navarik was a flight child; his father’s bronze had taken a keen interest in his mother’s green, flying her not once but three times. This fondness bleed over into the riders after a time; Nalano and V’ric were lovers for the first five turns of Varik’s life. The pair of riders had two other children besides their son, Navarik; their daughter, Navlari, and their son, Nerano. Shortly after Nerano had been fostered, the couple went their separate ways and forged new families.
Varik was fostered to a woman named Fandi, a drudge who was unable to carry a child to term. The healer’s had informed her that, though she wished to have a child of her own blood, adopting a fostering would be far safer for her. Fandi adopted Navarik soon after he was weaned and went on to adopt his full sister and brother as well. Navarik was a child of the Weyr and because both his birth parents were dragonriders, Fandi encouraged the child’s fascination with dragons from an early age. Navarik began standing at the age of fifteen like most of his age mates, though the turns that passed held no dragon for him. The son of a bronzerider, the boy dreamed of Impressing a beast as shining as that of his father’s. Still, no dragonet picked him as the turns continued to pass. During his time in candidacy, Varik had fast friends with two of his peers; Kalprin and Jancaz. The three boys were and inseparable trio and were closer than brothers. Kalprin was the leader of the group; everyone who knew the lad swore up and down that he was for a bronze if anyone was. Jancaz and Navarik wanted a bronze just as much, though Jancaz would have taken a brown just the same. Of course, the boys were not the most popular of the candidates in the Fort Weyr barracks; at times they could be less a group and more like a pack of bachelor felines closing in for the kill.

Two lads they happened to make bitter enemies were Landis and Lalkan; brothers and one just as confrontational as the other. Navarik had particular hatred for Lalkan, who rivaled him for the sexual attentions of Kinsala; the raven haired beauty that was Varik’s frist love. During one chore group, Lalkan and Varik exchanged dangerous insults to each other and when Varik turned to walk away (after insinuating something very insulting about Lalkan’s holder blood ties), Lalkan pushed the other boy down and started beating him in the legs with the wooden broom handle. One devastating blow snapped the wooden broom hand in two, after fracturing Varik’s left knee cap and giving him a scar he would never lose. Varik was almost 16 turns old at the time and his injury caused him to lose near to a turn and a half worth of standing. The wound was serious and Lalkan was banished from candidacy after the incident. Varik’s leg got an infection that nearly crippled him and caused him amazing pain. During his time in the Infirmary, Varik met Urico. Urico was an adult green rider, nearly graduated, who had accidentally slipped from her ledge and nearly fallen to her death. She escaped an early death by having the ledge below her dragon’s break her fall and, incidentally, both of her ankles. The candidate and the dragonrider grew very close and once their injuries were sufficiently healed they became very serious lovers. If anyone took issue with the fact that Urico was six turns Varik's senior, if never got back to the pair.

Varik went back to Candidacy once he could walk unaided again, though the infection left him with a chronic pain in his leg for the rest of this life. While his limp is barely noticeable, his left knee pains him on all but the warmest days. Unfortunately, his friends had long since Impressed their dragons and he was, with Urico as an exception, all alone. Navarik fell into a bit of a depression, his leg and the fact he has missed out of his friend's Impressions weighing him down. It had been almost three turns since his accident and he was running out of time. Urico continued to be a friend and loyal confident, though the amount of time they shared was greatly limited due to his return to candidacy and her return to active duty. Navarik was eight teen turns old when once again he took his stance on the smoldering sands of Fort Weyr. His heart was pounding in his throat, threatening to strangle him. He knew he would take a green if one came to him, even though his father would never look at him again if that were the case. A blue passed him by and then two greens. Finally, as the Hatching was reaching its midway, a large egg topped over. The mottled blue and brown egg split open and leaping from the wreckage was a fire kissed bronze dragon. He took to steps up to Navarik and without a touch of wistful sweetness but a surety that rocked him to his bones, Impression was made.

"His name is Rielth." the young man called, a smile erupting over his face. He had done it, Impressed a bronze just like his father. The fact coated him in pleasure and no little self confidence. Weyrlinghood was something he did well in but N'var was better in some places than others. He was thrilled when graduation came and he was tapped into a good wing. A little bit of rank was all he wanted, mostly to please his sire, and he applied himself well. Though his knee continued and still continues to give him trouble now and again, he works well with his wingmates. Shortly after he turned thirty, he gained his Wingsecond knots. It was a major knot of pride in his life. He has a loose eye on Wingleadership now and an open eyes on the young gold. N'var always wanted his bronze to sire eggs and with Jeneveth on the eve of her first maiden flight, the time is ripe for Rielth to claim his sort of immortality.

10.25.471………………Navarik is born

11.14.472……………..Navarik is foster to Drudges Fandi and Lomin

05. 12.486……………….Navarik,15, begins to stand for Fort Weyr and becomes a Candidate

05.16.486………………Navarik meets Kalprin and Jancaz; the boys become immediate best friends

10.28.487------ Lalpan attacks Navarik, beating him with a wooden broom stick and cracking his knee

10.28.487……………… Wingrider Urico falls from her ledge, breaking both her ankles

11.06.487…………Navarik meets Urico in the Infirmary; the two individuals slowly fall in love.

09.23.489………..Navarik returns to candidacy only to find out his friends have long Impressed.

11.21.489- Navarik, 18, Impresses Bronze Rielth.

11.21. 491- N'var graduates and is tapped for a high altitude wing.

TUrn. 501- N'var gains his Wingsecond knots.

N'var is a lot like a feline lounging in the sun, sharp claws hidden in soft, black paws. He is a laid back guy, easy to talk with a medium low voice that is like a lover’s murmur most of the time. Nothing really get to him anymore; he isn’t the confrontation lad of his youth, though it took a near disabling beating to make that so. He likes to talk, in a slow and searching kind of way. The way people are fascinates him; his lazy interrogations are mistaken for polite conversations. From time to time this easy going guy can become sulky and snappish; bitter anger at his injury eats at his heart. During these times he can be very hurtful, earning him a fouler reputation as a two-faced con artist.

He is pained by the fact of Urico's upcoming transfer; he hopes she will change her mind but he doesn’t set his heart on that dream. When it comes to relationships, N''var has had a string of one night stands since his break with Urico; girls interest him but never for longer than three weeks. He is a bit of a heartbreaker. N'var likes food; the bastard has the good fortune to eat as much as he likes without ruining his good figure. Varik also as a keen interest in greenriders; as if a replacement would quell the hurt of Urico’s loss for him. Still, he looks at them from afar, as if waiting for the appropriate one to happen along.


Lack of Commitment- N'var hates to be tied down in a metaphorical sense. Being with one person just gets chafing after a while.

Messy- N'var presents well but his weyr is a wreck. Not dirty, but really unorganized. Of course, it's organized to him.

Mannerisms or Habits: He likes to sing and is sort of good at it. No Harper but nice enough.

[Like 1]:Touching- Not just in a sexual tense but he enjoys that too. He is just a physically demonstrative person, enjoying a hug, a pat on the back, a rub on the shoulder. He has never disliked having his personal space invaded by friendly hands.

[Like 2]: Wine- Not too much because he isn't a drunk but he enjoys and appreciates a good vintage.


[Dislike 1]: Holders. Backwater at best, rebellious at worst, he has a low tolerance for 'their kind'. Hold born Dragonriders do not count; they became Weyrfolk the moment they were Searched. Rebellious Holders and those who sympathize with rebels are to be despised and if needs be, disposed of.

[Dislike 2]: The cold and the rain. The pressure changes cause his knee to ache badly.

Fighting Style/Weapon of Choice: Belt Knife

Dragon Information:
Dragon Name: Rielth (Re-elth)

Year of Impression Turn 489 (12 Turns)

Clutch Name: Fire's Pride

Weyr of Hatching: Fort Weyr

Colouring: Rielth sprang from his egg a kettle bright bronze dragon who's hide gave the illusion of copper. There is a certain, if undertoned, fiery luminescence to his hide. A trio of thread scores runs down his left shoulder were he took a glancing blow. They have long since healed but the scars themselves are a mottled antique bronze run with the grey-white of scar tissue.

Color Text: #C963333 Kettle Bright Bronze
Length: 38 meters
Height: 44 meters

Other Physical Characteristics: Rielth is barrel chested and strong winged, even if his size isn't anything to write home about. This gives him a good blend of strength, stamina and a little speed.

Personality: Rielth is one part soldier, one part paternal figure. He believes that it is important to train and make ready for the fight ahead, knowing Thread to be a nasty, deady business. His stalwart, sometimes stoic personality in battle is one of the things that makes him a vital fighter, ready to respond to his Wingleader’s command on an instant. However, most of the time he is a patient, almost fatherly dragon who manages his rider with patience and occasionally a hard truth telling. Rielth is not an overly ambitious dragon but he wouldn't ignore his duty to any queen. This is no so much because he wants to be a Weyrleader’s dragon but Rielth does want to present himself as a exceptional asset to the Weyr. It is important to him, though maybe not as important as his rider feels, that his blood line is passed one.

Rielth himself has a healthy appreciation for females, unwilling to shirk greens in the fact of a potential gold mate. He just handles himself with more decorum than his rider, acting the perfect gentlemen. He is a very considerate partner, often attending on his flight mate’s needs for several days after the flight. That being said, he isn’t a jealous or possessive dragon.

Voice: Deep, rich, melodic.

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Wingsecond N'var- Bronze Dragon Rielth  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Wingsecond N'var- Bronze Dragon Rielth    Wingsecond N'var- Bronze Dragon Rielth  I_icon32Wed Apr 17, 2013 9:03 pm

Hey Vivid, I know you're still working on him. (You can still post him in the flight while working on him)

Just wanted to run something by you real fast.

N'kyr's best buddy is his clutchmate that is Bronze. And 22 is too old for a guy to Impress on our board.
So I was wondering if clutch from 489 would be a better fit. He'd Impress at 18 instead of 22.

Turn 489- Gold Arisith by Bronze Kumarth
1 Bronze
1 Blue
4 Green

let me know if that is workable for you.

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PostSubject: Re: Wingsecond N'var- Bronze Dragon Rielth    Wingsecond N'var- Bronze Dragon Rielth  I_icon32Thu Apr 18, 2013 7:48 am

He looks great. Approved! Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Wingsecond N'var- Bronze Dragon Rielth    Wingsecond N'var- Bronze Dragon Rielth  I_icon32

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Wingsecond N'var- Bronze Dragon Rielth
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