... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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 Letters to Rihan

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PostSubject: Letters to Rihan   Letters to Rihan I_icon32Mon Oct 22, 2012 11:37 am

Via messenger from Igen Hold came an envelope, sealed in the Lord of Igen's wax stamp and unopened as of yet. The young man delivering the letter had taken great care in making sure the envelope looked the same as when it had left the hands of his Lord.

He refused, as usual to give the envelope into anyone's hands but the person it was intended for. He was paid to deliver messages not give them to people to deliver for him. So although he might be kept waiting the young man was patient. This was his duty. This was how he served Igen.


The envelope of the letter was of the finest paper the Lord of Igen could come by. The envelope contained two letters. One from the Lord Holder and one from Lady Eolyn.

The first was written in a firm, strong script and the tone was entirely formal.

Letters to Rihan LettertoRihan1

Letters to Rihan LettertoRihan2

The second letter, was in a smaller paper, not nearly as crisp as the first. The hand writing was feminine, curvy and elegant. The tone of the letter while topically formal was much softer than the first.

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PostSubject: Re: Letters to Rihan   Letters to Rihan I_icon32Mon Oct 22, 2012 3:35 pm

Descending the stairs from the upper rooms of the hold, Rihan moved to greet the messenger. When the letter was relinquished to him, he he thanked the man and relieved him of his duty there, though first checking to see how he'd arrived -if his return trip was long, he would make sure the man's food and water were replenished and he was given a place to rest before his journey back to Igen.

Rihan having made his way back to his own private wing of the hold, returned to sitting at his desk over the architectural diagrams of yet incomplete areas and maps of the land the new holding of Telgar River Hold would occupy. His study was lined in book shelves of dark cherry-coloured stain, already filled with books and scrolls, maps and other records for the Hold. The desk was large and situated near a fireplace where a chaise lounge sat, angled over a fine rug for when he needed to rest from his studies. Maps lined adjacent walls and were marked for how they were being put to use.

Retrieving a letter opener from the center drawer of his desk, the wax seal was broken and it was with all anxious desire that he read the letters within. Lord Qisbon's letter was the first he'd come to, dark grey oculars taking a moment to view the new territorial boundaries as had been worked out between Qisbon and his own father. Decidedly, he would take his formal letter of approval to the Lord of Igen himself and at the same time be able to get to know his in-laws a little better.

Gently smiling, Rihan laid business aside to appreciate the words that Eolyn had written for him. He was so curious about the Lady of Igen, he began to wonder if he should put off meeting her right away and wait until the gather or even closer to their marriage date, whenever that would be set for. Mulling over her words, he decided that she must be anxious to meet him -just as he was anxious to meet her- however, he wanted to understand her character better than what rumour described...and he wanted to...yes, he even wanted to court her. That would be appropriate.

Visiting her home himself would allow him to get a better feel of how she'd grown up, the foods she ate, the company she kept, etc. And, he should take her a gift. For their engagement. The young Lord Holder was beginning to fabricate some entertaining ideas surrounding this new relationship, which could help him find out what kind of person the Lady of Igen really was, and in turn, help him win her heart before they ever married. If all went well.

To answer her question, yes, he would be at the gather, and yes, they would speak freely, but she would not meet him as a Lord's son just yet. Rihan's grin braodened as he thought of it. He would prepare a message for her father immediately, so that he could pay Igen a visit.

Reaching into his desk for a fresh sheet of parchment, he wet the ink stone on his desk and put the ink stick to it; afterward, coating the quill pen in it, he began writing. His message would be sent the next day to Igen, requesting a time for him to visit in person.
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Letters to Rihan
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