... now they must watch their abundance of luxuries fall away, making room for the tools of survival, and witness this time of relative peace wither into the same fears that harper's ballads had warned them about for generations.
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PostSubject: Carew Weyr   Carew Weyr I_icon32Mon Sep 07, 2015 1:04 pm

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Thread has returned!  The first threadfall of the 5th pass is currently underway over Carew territory and Ry'er, rider of bronze Drumth will lead his Weyr into Fall.  Who will survive?  Will thread score any of the riders?  What injuries will occur?  Check in to see!

We have many ranking positions available for which to apply.  

We are a semi canon site with the five regular colors and two mutations but that may change as plot allows. We are a moderate to advanced roleplaying group and appreciate quality of roleplay. Please stop over and check us out.  

The History and Setting of Carew Weyr

Carew Weyr was established towards the end of the first interval, shortly after Benden, High Reaches and Telgar. In our setting, Ista Weyr does not exist and Carew Weyr was founded in its place. Likewise, Ista Hold does not exist. Instead the principle hold is Carew Hold. When Carew Weyr was established, its construction utilized the last of the energy of the ancients' rock cutting equipment, which enabled quite spacious and comfortable accommodations.

Since Carew Weyr is located where Ista Weyr would be in the published novels, it enjoys the same tropical type of climate. There are basically two seasons; the hot season and the rainy one.

Since our timeline starts during the end of the First Long Interval prior to the Fifth pass of the Red Star, AIVAS has not been found (nor will it be), none of the events of the 9th pass have taken place, and green dragons impressing to women is neither unheard of nor uncommon.

During the preceding turns, Pern has been enjoying the first of the prolonged intervals; four hundred long turns during which the Red Star has passed out of Pern’s orbit and Thread has not fallen upon the planet. Because of this, Thread is viewed at worst, as a myth, and at best, as a threat no longer. Only the most traditional and stalwart holders and craftsmen believe that the Threads will return. Even some dragonmen have become convinced that Thread is no more.

At this time, several factors have converged to put the future of the Weyrs and indeed, all of Pern, in grave peril. Due to the long interval, the Lord Holders are disgruntled at tithing to their beholden Weyrs. Such tithes have become skimpy and in some cases, have fallen off altogether. Dragonriders have fallen into planet-wide disfavor and are not being accorded the courtesies which were prevalent during earlier times. Most recently, in turn 1255, three turns before the pass is due to start, a virulent plague has swept through the populace and decimated the ranks of Dragonriders. Though the illness was not often fatal to humans, it happened to be one of the few zoonotic diseases which could affect dragons as well as people and it hit the dragon population far harder than the humans.

Many of Pern’s great dragons were killed by the illness, with the disease hitting those in the prime of their lives the hardest. Worse, of those Queens that are left after the plague, many have not risen in mating flights, though in the prime of their lives and are feared to be sterile. It is believed that those Queens who were but mildly stricken with the plague are still fertile, but no one knows what strange effects, if any, the illness will have upon future generations.

At the end of turn 1256, with the plague ended a turn and a half ago, the Weyrs have started to recover from their grave loss. Even though reminders are everywhere life goes on. Even with the Weyrs vastly understaffed, filled with such ex-riders as did not suicide when their dying dragons went between and the grieving families, friends, weyrmates and lovers of those riders who could not bear life without their beloved lifemates, things are starting to look up.

When Shayeth rose in her first glorious mating flight after the plague and clutched an astronomical forty eggs, everyone rejoiced in the hope of those precious unhatched dragonets, even though the gold egg seemed somewhat strange with its odd coloring. And the clutch did not disappoint, hatching out extremely healthy and hale hatchlings, including the twin amber dragonets from the oddly colored gold egg. Though smaller at hatching than golds, the twins are unmistakeably of Gold heritage but with a curious green sheen over their bodies. They were assumed to have all the other characteristics of Gold dragons which was proven when they rose to mate for the first time, producing both a gold and amber egg between them as well as healthy hatchlings of every other color.

However after the flight it soon became obvious that the new Weyrleader was worse than ineffective... he was apathetic, leaving the entire running of the Weyr in the Weyrwoman's overworked hands. The wings were disorganized and the weyrfolk disheartened so when Shayeth rose to mate again days after Lianarlath had her maiden flight, a mere 7 months after Shayeth's last flight, everyone hoped for a new Weyrleader and were not disappointed. Bronze Drumth caught the senior queen, making Ry'er the new Weyrleader.  The bronze proved himself with a clutch of 39 eggs, including a gold.

The older bronzerider has proven to be a quite good Weyrleader so far, but he will surely be challenged anew due to the Red Star being sighted. The Red Star was bracked by the Eye Rock on Winter Solstice, signaling the beginning of the Pass! Everyone is shocked, but no one more so than the Weyrleader, who was privately convinced Thread was no more after 400+ turns of thread-free life.

When Shayeth rose for the third time since the plague, Drumth again caught her, maintaining Ry'er's status as Weyrleader, giving him the dubious distinction of the Weyrleader that would usher in the Pass and the return of thread.  Now, thread has arrived.  Has Carew prepared enough for the Pass or will tragedy result?

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~Current Events~
~Thread has arrived!
~Shayeth rose in glorious flight, caught by bronze Drumth.  The Gold's pregnancy is confirmed and soon another clutch of eggs will grace the sands of Carew.  Submit your candidate NOW for a chance of impression.
~At Carew we allow our members to indicate preferences for impression. Are you crazy over non-canons? Tell us. Do you want anything but green? Put it on your sheet. Do you prefer metallic? Make a note of it. All of our hatchlings are created especially for the candidate they impress to.
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